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The Use of Lean Six Sigma in Organizations

The Use of Lean Six Sigma in Organizations


Lean Six Sigma is a strong, dynamic and cost effective method that is used effectively in companies. It is applied in manufacturing and customer service. The lean six sigma method has been shown to make it possible for companies to limit their costs by a quarter through doing away with wastes of time and operations. This trimming of waste has brought about high quality of company’s goods. Most notable is that the lean sigma method creates foundations in companies that propel and bring about tendencies of gradual advancement; hence bringing about the advantages that it is known for presently and in the future.

Markets that are attributed to fast change from products to services, keeping put in the business and quite significant, getting high performance is difficult. This is different for the companies that are keen on resources that are limited and doing away with process variation and limiting time so as to elevate production, just as most of the top manufacturing companies have been doing for a long time.

Companies are faced with fast changing client preferences, high costs and rise in emerging markets that are adversely affecting the effectiveness of the process (Lazarus and Stamps, 2002). In most cases, the procedure that is modeled so as to offer services work less effectively when compared to the ones that are meant to produce products. In over 20 varied companies across the world, lean six sigma method has seen great value when it is connected to the relevant industry.

Lean six sigma method makes use of data so as to acquire disciplined method that is seen to do away with connected to the bottom line outcome. The lean processing makes use of tools and methods so as to do away with non-value processes and increase the speed.

With profitability, a good number of companies are looking out to acquire the lean six sigma method that has led to a complete transformation of the leading companies (Pande, 2000). With a company having its ground set, it can do away with waste from the process. The process is undertaken in a series of steps.

Implementation of the Lean Six Sigma

Create a burning platform: companies have to push by a reason so as to apply the Lean Six Sigma. This may be due to massive drop in quality or competitors acquiring market of the company (Juran, 1989). This is what motivates the company to the implementation of the method which is of constant advancement. The top leadership of the company is sure of the basis of the implementation of the method and ought to be aware of how the method can solve the issues stated.

Place the resources in place: this is the next step and the leadership should be fast in placing the resources in their correct place. This is can be used for any resource; staff, products or tools. The resources have to be used so as to acquire success in the company. They have to be integrated so that they can be used as a team and be able to undertake operations (Spector, 2006). It is relevant that the company is sure of what resource is best; they have to meet the goals of the company.

Teach the Methodology: the lean six sigma method has to be taught to the staff so that it can last longer and be effective. Yellow, Green and Black training improve consciousness of the company. The staff ought to have a common goal.

Prioritize Operations: the company has to take into consideration the client’s desires, quality and make sure that Lean six sigma technique meets the goals of the company.

Create ownership: the one who owns the lean six sigma technique has to be known. This involves getting the committee in charge of the whole team. This leads to strength and pride as well as a group that is dedicated and responsible.

Take the Right Measurements: it is through the formation of ways to measure the model that advancement can take place. Here the operators are able to know the ground performance and apply the information in coming up with decisions and evaluate the contrast that may exist. For effective measurement, the price of quality has to be correct ((Juran, 1989). Companies have to acquire ways to assess performance so as to make sure that the information acquired is acquired fast. Several items may alter an operator’s focus from the vital estimates. They are supposed to note and assess the leading signs.

Govern the program: an effective governance model is vital for a program to maintain momentum. Bad governance may faulty vision. Like setting up a business quality team is vital to do away with any issues that may slow the operation. Good governance is useful in forming best model that is vital and noting the common challenges. With limited timing, effective sessions or other projects, the plan may not be in line and the staff may not be well guided.

Recognize Contributions: rewards are a viable way to keeping the team contented. They create motivation and the team feels recognized for what they do (Roger, 2010). They are hence able to be focused in meeting the goals of the company as they are required. In such cases, the team would be competing for excellence and little time would be spending looking for way out of the process. This is hence a sure way of making the team to be together.


In addition to the manufacturing companies, the lean six sigma method can be used in areas like the health industry. Huge costs that arise from health can be reduced and lead to safeguarding medical issues, elevating medical care (Koning et al, 2006). In health care, the six sigma method can be applied in safeguarding medical errors, lowering mortality, limiting the period patients take an improving care. The six sigma method in health industry has been in managing patient flow.


Lean Six Sigma method is applied in the education through the advancement of method of service. The institutions are able to be responsive and make it possible for the education set ups to acquire financial supports.

The method is used in the education sector to do away with wastes of time and resources. Students are now able to take more time reading and developing their careers. The method additionally offers quality education; for instance technology courses are accorded up-to-date resources that are easy to acquire (Juran, 1989).


In the banking sector, Lean Six Sigma method is applied in a number ways; the first one is to elevate client satisfaction. Clients are accorded better services as they want it; the method does away with errors. The second one is it elevates profitability and lowers cost, this is vital to the clients (Ronald, 2010). With the help of the six sigma method the banks are able to note the needs of the clients and do away with errors. Performance is assessed in the best manner and it does away with delays and also the method assesses performance and does away with banking inefficiencies.

Benefits of the Lean Six Sigma Method

Companies face high costs and elevate competition each and every day. Lean Six Sigma method makes it possible for the companies to solve these issues and develop their business in a number of ways:

Improves revenue: Six sigma method improves the company’s revenue through aligning the operations. Aligned operations bring about goods and services that are finished on time and in the best manner affordably (Kwak and Anbari, 2006). The company is able to accomplish more with limited amount of money.

Decrease in cost: the method makes it possible for the company to lower their costs through doing away with waste from the company operations. Waste can be what the company does not need in its operation. Costs are also reduce by coming up with solution to issues that are brought up by the operations.

Enhance efficiency: lean six sigma method brings about efficiency of company operation. This is done through improving the company’s operation in providing reliable goods and service for clients in varied companies and it is similarly able to issue resources created from advanced operations in the company.

Develop effective people: lean six sigma method creates effective persons in a company. The staff is integrated into the operation of the company through the advancement of active involvement and outcome in an integrated responsible group (Kwak and Anbari, 2006). There is also the creation of trust. Transparency in the company structure leads to a common understanding of every employee relevant to meeting the company goals. The method primarily brings about an aspect ownership in the workers of the company. This leads to effectiveness in issuing outcome for any advancement in operation.


The lean six sigma methods is simply a method that is applied in companies that are cost efficient and desire to have results that are able to meet their goals. Companies that apply this method in their operations are fast ripping the benefits in terms of what they deal in as well as the labor. The paper has been able to look at this method in terms of its application and the varied areas that they are used among them health, education and banking.


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