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QUESTION 1 In order to organize and understand our world we need frames of reference paper clips scrapbooks and labels calendars 0.2 points QUESTION 2 Frames of reference help you to pay your taxes o


In order to organize and understand our world we need

frames of reference

paper clips

scrapbooks and labels


0.2 points


Frames of reference help you to

pay your taxes

organize and understand your world

shift your paradigms

think creatively

0.2 points


A newer field in psychology, emphasizing the study of emotional health and well-being is referred to as

Health Psychology

Positive Psychology

Transpersonal Psychology

Holistic Psychology

0.2 points


All of the following are reframing strategies discussed in your book EXCEPT



life as a tragedy

stepping into the shoes of the other

0.2 points


Which of the following statements is true?

All forms of humor are equally useful.

Hostile humor that puts others down can have negative effects.

Self deprecating humor is to be avoided.

none of the above

0.2 points


Which of the following is not true about brain neuroplasticity?

Our brains never stop changing and adjusting.

As we age, our brain’s networks become fixed.

Our brain has the capacity to change its internal structure by reorganizing neural pathways based on new experiences.

Exercising or stimulating your brain helps build up brain reserve.

0.2 points


Which of the following psychological theories is not representative of Determinism, the belief that outside forces determine who we are?

Behavioral theories

Cognitive Behavioral theories

Biological theories

Freudian psychodynamic theories

0.2 points


To increase proactivity, it is recommended that you

keep your promises

set small goals and achieve them

look for outside causes for your problems

a. & b.

0.2 points


Which statement is true about students with an internal locus of control?

They recognize the connection between their efforts and their grades.

They are self-motivated and optimistic.

If they fail a test, they blame the teacher.

a. & b.

0.2 points


Irrational beliefs can be modified using

cognitive restructuring techniques

behavior modification

electroconvulsive therapy

aversive conditioning

0.2 points


Self-efficacy is

genetically determined

learned through modeling or copying others

unrelated to locus of control

correlated to reactive behaviors

0.2 points


Spurious correlations can be associated with

racial prejudice or stereotyping

selective perception

statistical inaccuracies

a. & b.

0.2 points


The first step in cognitive restructuring is to

identify the irrational belief that is underlying your reaction

substitute a rational belief for an irrational one

challenge the irrational belief

practice relaxation

0.2 points


In general, optimists

are not as happy as pessimists

are healthier than pessimists

are less productive at work than pessimists

do not perform as well academically in school as pessimists

0.2 points


To become more optimistic

repeat positive affirmations to yourself

challenge pessimistic thoughts

utilize denial

None of the above

0.2 points


The most important aspect of optimistic thinking involves

defensive pessimism

wishful thinking

repeating positive affirmations to yourself

challenging negative, irrational thoughts and substituting rational thoughts

0.2 points


Defensive pessimism is an effective coping mechanism for individuals who

are depressed

are unlucky

are anxious and need to plan to reduce their anxiety level

are dispositional pessimists

0.2 points


Having high self-esteem contributes to effectiveness because

people with high self-esteem are luckier

people with high self-esteem have faith in themselves, which enhances the ability to do your best

people with high self-esteem have higher incomes

all of the above

0.2 points


Which of the following is characteristic of the permissive-indulgent parenting style?

very loving and involved in the child’s life

failure to set meaningful limits or controls for the child

spoils the child

all of the above

0.2 points


The “malevolent attitude” as described by Harry Stack Sullivan refers to

becoming evil towards other people

the belief that you are surrounded by enemies

the belief that you don’t deserve to be treated well

b. & c.

0.2 points


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