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GEN 103 week 5 DQ 1


Ashford 6: – Week 5 – Discussion

Ethical and Legal Implications


In this discussion, you will     explore and discuss how to use information ethically and legally. You will     begin by watching a video about the serious nature of plagiarism and sharing     your reaction. Then, you will examine some scenarios related to plagiarism     at Ashford University.



Prepare: Begin     your discussion post by viewing the CBS video, CBS Morning News     “Plagiarism” story. (Transcript)Then, review    6 Ways to Avoid     Plagiarism and Generally Be a Cool Person.     Finally, read the article or listen to the podcast, Turnitin and the     Debate Over Anti-Plagiarism Software.



Reflect: As you watch the video, think about the implications and     consequences of plagiarism in the workplace and in the entertainment     industry.



Write: After watching the video, describe your reaction to the     video and the implications to your own work. Did it surprise you to learn     how serious plagiarism is, or do you feel that you already understood this     issue? Do you know of any other instances of plagiarism either in school or     beyond? If so, what was the punishment in those situations? 

Next, read one pair of     scenarios below that highlight some of the most common plagiarism issues at     the college level. The pairs will be assigned to you by the first initial     of your last name in the chart below. For both scenarios in the pair,     carefully read the scenario and respond as directed.


First       Initial of Last Name

Assigned       Pair


A –       H

Pair       1


I –       P

Pair       2


Q –       Z

Pair       3

Pair 1:

    The discussion board prompt for Serena’s American History class asks     students to brainstorm ways to improve the democratic system of     government. Serena searches online to help her come up with ideas for     what to write. She comes across the following sentences and copies and     pastes them into her discussion post without any additions or her own     commentary: “We cannot improve on the system of government handed down to     us by the founders of the Republic. There is no way to improve upon that.     But, what we can do is to find new ways to implement that system and     realize our destiny.”Serena submits her discussion post but has a bad     feeling about it. She is not sure what she should have done differently.

Write a paragraph of advice for     Serena explaining why copying and pasting in the way that she did was wrong     and what she should do differently next time.

Poor Paraphrasing
    Cara is writing a research paper for her Anthropology class. She notices     that she is using a lot of quotations and wants to mix it up a bit by also     paraphrasing some of her sources’ ideas. One of her sources states, “Almost     all cultures celebrate some form of marriage. However, there are multiple     variables across culture, some of the most noteworthy being average age of     first marriage, common gender roles within marriages, and the role of     romance.” Cara attempts to put these ideas into her own words by writing:     “According to Smith (2004), practically every culture celebrates a certain     type of marriage, but there are many variables such as average age at time     of union, expected gender roles, and the role that romance plays.”

In this scenario, we know that     Cara has good intentions and that she cites her source, so what is she     doing wrong here? What should she do differently? Write a paragraph of     advice for Cara telling her what she should do to fix her poor paraphrasing     and how she should approach this process differently next time.

Pair 2:

Paraphrasing Without Citation
    Kelly is researching the representation of females in film for her     Composition final. She wants to discuss the films of Kathryn Bigelow. She     searches for “Kathryn Bigelow” in the Ashford University Library databases     and locates an article by Joel Johnson that discusses Bigelow’s film, The     Hurt Locker. Kelly finds a sentence that she feels perfectly covers     what she wants to say about Bigelow’s filmmaking: “Bigelow is one of the     few female directors who has consistently tackled ‘masculine’ subjects in     her films.” She writes in her paper, “The subjects of Bigelow’s films are     often male-centric, which is rare for a female director” but does not     credit the idea to the source.

Write a paragraph of advice for     Kelly explaining the importance of citing sources. Describe to Kelly what     steps she needs to now take to avoid plagiarizing the author of the     article.

    Ryan’s Philosophy professor asked for students to explain the word     “semantics” and use it in a sentence. Ryan looks up “semantics” on and finds that it means, “the study of Meaning. It is the     study of linguistic development that examines and classifies changes in     meaning and form of words.” In Ryan’s response to his professor’s request,     he writes, “Semantics focuses on meaning. It is the study of linguistic     development. It looks at and classifies changes in meaning and forms of     words.” Ryan is surprised when his professor gives him a 0 on the     discussion post and warns him not to plagiarize in the future. Ryan     argues that all definitions of “semantics” that he reviewed are almost     identical and that the definition should be considered common knowledge.

Does Ryan have a point, or is     there a different way he should have approached including a definition?     Write a paragraph of advice for Ryan explaining what, if anything, he     should have done differently in this situation.

Pair 3:

    Shawn is assigned a paper on biases in the judicial system. Shawn is having     difficulty figuring out where to find sources for this topic. He has     searched online and once briefly in the Ashford University Library     databases but has not found what he is looking for: statistics of the     number of people currently in jail in the United States versus ten years     ago. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, Shawn decides that he knows enough     about this topic to guess an average number. He writes, “The number of     incarcerated males in America has increased by 10% in the last ten years.”

Write a paragraph of advice for     Shawn explaining why creating a fact statistic is wrong and what he should     do differently next time. Explain to Shawn what he should have done in this     situation instead of fabricating a statistic.

    Wanda and her brother, Gene, are both students at Ashford     University. They share many of the same interests. Both are     English majors, they take most of the same courses (though not the same     course section), and they like to do their homework together because it     helps them share good ideas and also save time. Recently they took an     American Literature class and read The Great Gatsby. Wanda and Gene     had to complete the same final paper topic, so they researched together,     reading and incorporating the same resources into both of their papers.     They also discussed their ideas while writing and ended up both arguing the     same main point in their papers. Several weeks later, Wanda and Gene got     letters from the Office of Academic Integrity saying that they had     committed plagiarism.

Write a paragraph of advice to     Wanda and Gene explaining to them what they might have done differently in     this situation to avoid this outcome. In your paragraph, explain whether or     not you believe their actions to be plagiarism. 

To maximize the opportunity for     vigorous discussion, you must post to this discussion on at least three     separate days of the week and your posts must total at least 600     words as you address the questions noted above. Your first post must be     completed by Day 3 (Thursday) and the remainder of your posts must be     completed by Day 7 (Monday). You must answer all aspects of the prompt at     some point during the week. Also, be sure to reply to your classmates and     instructor.



Respond to Peers: Reply to at least two of your classmates who explored     a different scenario than that which you examined. Will the advice they     provided be helpful in the future for the individual in the scenario? What     might your classmates add to their advice to make it even more helpful?     What additional resources could the individuals in the scenarios be     directed to for help?


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