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Community Assessment part 1 and 2


Community Assessment Part 1 and 2

Chapter 15 (review location, population characteristics, Social System, )

Read Starting on Page 534 of your textbook: Sources of Data

The sources are places where you can look to find data to complete the community assessment.

Also, some data can be obtained from either walking, driving or talking to community residents, churches, store owners etc.) Libraries also have history and other information.

The list in column two is not an all-inclusive list. Also review the Windshield survey on page 529. Column two gives you suggested activities

Key Informants (p. 531): Please may effort to interview people in your community such as educators, religious people, mayors, city council members, health professionals, store owners etc. )

Your assessment should be written as if your audience doesn’t know anything about your community. They should know more once they read your assessment.

Outline                                                                                                Suggestions

Community HistoryHistorical timelinePatterns of growth since settled, migration etc. Milestones in history of communityMajor events of community    
Physical Environment of the CommunityBoundaries, size, distributionRegional positionClimate factorsLand use (open space also, what is it used for)HousingTransportationCommunication (TV, radio, etc.)   Suggested Activity (also read Table 15.4 in your text) Start with: Obtain map of communityTour communityIdentify physical boundariesRecord size in square milesIs area a town, village, borough or part of a larger cityAre there natural features (mountains, rivers etc.)?Man-made features such as (superhighway, bridges, tunnels, high rise apartments etc.)   Housing, number, types, very rich housing or very poor, abandoned vehicles, trash, vacant houses, stray animals etc.). Condition of apartment buildings   Transportation type (How do people travel in your community) Is public transportation effective? Autos?
Population of the CommunityTotal sizeDensityHomeless peopleAge and sexEthnic and racial groupsMarital StatusVital StatisticsOccupations in the communityRate of growth increase or declineImmigrants/migrantsSuggested Activity (read textbook Chapter 15 p. 515-516 and Table 15-2)Vital statistics deaths/birthsCan list population in percentagesIs it urban, rural or suburban Data Sources: online, libraries, city halls, DHS for the state etc. Are there migrant workers that are mobile for certain times of the year
Social Organization of the CommunityEconomic baseMajor employers in the areaUnionsEconomic changesSafety factors with local industryUnemployment ratePoverty levelGovernment, politics, and law enforcementReligionEducation (% completed high school, college)Literacy Rates DomesticSingle, divorce householdsRecreationVoluntary OrganizationsStores (all kinds of shopping including food)Fresh vegetable stands RecreationIncome per capita Mean and median income % of population below poverty level Percentage receiving public assistance Unemployment Major occupational categories % completed high school, collegeNumber of schools (condition of schools, colleges, school nurses) Where are the libraries? Formal structure of local, state and state governmentElected officials and party affiliationsLaw enforcement (how organized) Health department officials only Voting records on health issues Single parent households. Married households, divorces Where do people go to relaxList denomination of religious groups, number of churches.  
Pictures, maps, diagrams, housing, buildings signs etc.Must have pictures of community to go along with some of the narrative. One or two pictures will NOT suffice. Pictures can be internet pictures but also needs to be actual pictures taken by you of the community.Your pictures can be weaved into the paper as you talk about certain aspects or the can be appendices. Please research how appendices should be inserted in the paper and titled.
Part 2
Environmental HealthOutdoor air qualityGround water qualityFood contaminationToxic substancesWaste (solid and hazardous, radioactive)Chemicals/pesticidesDisease vectorsEmergency preparednessCrimeAccidentsBuildingsRadioactive wasteGlobal healthCDC dataState dataLocal data 
Population HealthInfectious diseasesChronic diseasesChronic disabilityMental healthMaternal, infant and child healthEach age group healthInfantEarly and middle AdolescentAdultOlder adultOccupational Safety and HealthLeading causes of morbidity and mortality for allAny epidemicsFor MH report suicide rates, addictive behavior, violenceReport most common cause of death for all groupsMaternal: % receiving prenatal care, rates of teenage pregnancy     Common health issues in the adult workforce, absenteeism from work, smoking in your population, physical exercise etc.  
Health Care OrganizationsHospitals, clinics, Emergency Care, mental illness facilities, after hours facilities, nursing homes, rehab facilities, ambulatory care centers.Dental careTherapies (PT, OT etc.)Number of nurses, doctors, Nurse practitioners, Public Health ClinicsHealth Promotion organizations (fitness etc.)Public Health SystemHealth DepartmentsPersonal Health Care Agencies (nursing homes, extended care, assisted living)Home health agenciesFreestanding ambulatory facilitiesAny indigenous and alternative health systems School nursesAny social servicesRead health institutions and roles in Figure 15.4Read services in Table 15.4   
Financing for Public HealthThird party payersSelf-payCharityMedicaid/MedicarePrivatePublic assistance 
Pictures, maps, diagrams, housing, buildings signs etc.Same as for Part 1

Dreher, M. & Skemp, L. (2011). Healthy places healthy people. Indianapolis, Indiana: Sigma Theta Tau International.

Rector, C. (2018). Community & public health nursing: Promoting the public’s health (9th ed.).Philadelphia, Pa: Wolters Kluwer.

Stanhope, M. & Lancaster, J. (2014). Public health nursing: Population-centered care in the community. Maryland Heights, Missouri: Elsevier.



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