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City College of San Francisco Adult Egocentric Thinking Discussion

I’m working on a Psychology question and need guidance to help me study.

According to Piaget, children between the ages of approximately 2 and 4 have egocentric thinking. This predominant feature of preoperational thought, called egocentrism, is that children believe everyone thinks and experiences the world exactly as they do. This is because they are mentally not able to consider someone else’s perspective. While children between the ages of 2 and 4 have actual cognitive limitations to explain this, adults often exhibit the same egocentric thinking without having the same excuse.

To further explore and understand this feature of preoperational thought, discuss adult egocentric thinking. Recall and describe an experience you have had with an adult who displayed this type of thinking. Many of our assumptions about those we work and live with result from egocentric tendencies. Sometimes when people have particular opinions, values, or expectations, they function as though others share those same notions. How might adult egocentric thinking affect others and/or lead to interpersonal difficulties? How might one avoid this type of thinking?

Finally, respond to at least one classmate in the discussion.



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