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BIOLOGY discussion and 2 response (WK4D)

(no word count)Mendel used mathematics and experimentation to derive major principles that have helped us understand inheritance. His ideas were totally different than the explanation for passage of characteristics from parents to offspring that was common to his time. 

Discuss at least two of his principles in detail, providing examples. 

Describe how each principle contributes to genetic variability. 

Discuss the significance of Mendel’s discoveries to modern biology.

part 2 

respond to post 1 and 2 with 150 words.

post 1

Gregor Mendel is an Augustan monk. He lived and worked in a abbey in Brunn, Astria. In the 1860’s he begin his study of genetics and heredity by breeding garden peas.

    The first principle I will like to discuss is the law of segregation. During gamete formation, the alleles for each gene segregate (separate) from each other so that each gene carries only one allele for each gene. The example..

Round seeds                  segregation         R


Wrinkled Seeds                                           r

                                                                    r    (gametes)

    The other I will discuss is the law of dominance. Its stated as, “In a cross of parents that are pure for contrasting traits, only one trait will appear in the next generation. Offspring that are hybrid for a trait will have only the dominant trait in the phenotype. You have a tall plant having the gene TT and a short plant having the gene tt.

                                                     Tall pea plant

                                                   T               T

Short Pea plant     t                 Tt                Tt

                              t                 Tt               Tt

    This Punnet square shoes that if  we cross a tall pea plant with genotype TT and a short pea plant with genotype tt. All offsprings will be tall with the genotype Tt. During gamete production, each egg and sperm cell receives just one of the two gene copies present in the organism, and the copy allocated to each gamete is random (law of segregation). In the law of dominance, an offspring receives a pair of alleles for a trait by inheriting homologous chromosomes from the parent organisms; one allele for each trait from each parent. Each parent contributes a single gamete, and a single randomly successful allele copy to their offspring and fertilization. Gregor Mendel, through his work on pea plants discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance. He deduced that genes come in pairs and are inherited as distinct units, one from each parent. Mendel tracked the segregation of parental genes and their appearance in the offspring as dominant or recessive traits.


Gregory Mendel, who was a monk and known as the father of genetics, discovered two laws that have contributed to Modern Biology. One of them was the law of inheritance. When he discovered the law of inheritance, he made the discovery when looking at pea plants. He began with pea plans that were pure-bred because they always tended to produce progeny with the same characteristics as its parent plants. Using these pea plants, he cross-bred and recorded their traits of their progeny for several years. In doing this, he followed 7 traits with in pea plants, choosing traits that had at least two form:

Pea Shape – round or wrinkled

Pea Color – Yellow or Green

Flower Couple – Purple or White

Flower Position – Terminal or Axial

Plant Height – Tall or Short

Pod Shape – Inflated or Constricted

Pod Color – Yellow or Green

Another of Mendel’s discoveries is the Principle of Dominance. This principle is a genetic law that states that offspring of individuals with contrasting traits will only express the dominant trait. This law later became known as Mendel’s Law after he made the discovery. He observed that even though the dominant trait showed in second generation offspring, the recessive trait did reappear in the third generation. But Mendel only observed a single type of dominance, known now as complete dominance.


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