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Author of Reading

What was the point?
What are the author(s) arguing?     What are key examples they use, or what big ideas stand out?    What was emphasized or added in lecture?
Course Introduction by Sengupta-Irving

This class is an argument

Schools organize for the success or failure of students – if you don’t see yourself in the mirror of what the teacher says matters, why would you stay in school?

Framing problems matters for the solutions we create

Schools are now sites of social reproduction but we want them to be sites of social transformation
The song “I Can”: its vow speaks to the idea of individual excellence

The tomato processing plant is a way to think about how we look for the “typical” or “normal” and support those people most

Framing Matters Example:  1/3 of boys fail or schools fail 1/3 of boys?

This class frames things as people operating in response to their environment – it’s a give and take between families, individuals and community on one side and schools, teachers, principals,

society on the other.

Mellor, D. & Epstein, D. (2006)

Noguera, P. (2003).

Kimmel, M.S. (2008).

McCready, L. (2004).

Moll, Amanti, Neff, & Gonzalez (1992)

Tzou & Bell (2010)

Barrier-Ferreira (2008)

Violence in our nation’s schools has emerged as one of our most gripping
5 social problems. All over the country, Americans are asking why some young = i
people open fire apparently randomly, killing or wounding other students 3?

and their teachers. Are these adolescents emotionally disturbed? Are they I‘

held in the thrall of media-generated violence-in video games, the Internet,
rock or rap music? Are their parents to blame? Our shock and concern, and
-N” the wrenching anguish of parents who fear that their children may not be

safe in their own schools, demand serious policy discussions. And such dis» {I
cussions demand serious inquiry into the causes of school violence. ll;
As several recent events have made clear, it isn’t just high schools where

these shootings are taking place. In the deadliest college campus shooting
in U.S. history on April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed thirty- H
two students and faculty members at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia

Tech) before turning the gun on himself. In the fall of that same year, stu-
dents were shot at Delaware State University, and a shooting was thwarted If.
ii . at St. _]ohn’s University in New York. Then in February 2008, six students _i-‘_’I
were killed and fifteen were injured when a former student opened fire, then ‘i;_-_
took his own life in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University.
I_- It


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