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Assignment 5: Business Plan – Putting it all Together

It is critical that as you write the Business Plan to incorporate citations from the text books used in the BBA program. Do not copy and paste from your (or others) assignments from previous classes (that is an Academic Integrity Violation). But do apply and cite the concepts from what you have learned. A good first line for a business plan is, “There is a need” and then spend the next 40 to 75 pages showing that there is indeed a need and how you will (not plan on but actually will) fill that need.The purpose of this assignment is for you to put your Part 1 and Part 2 assignments together and to do your best to make this an excellent Business Plan; then receive corrections and ideas from your instructor to make your plan even better. Your instructor is not an editor and at this point all of your APA should be perfect. Your instructor will be looking for ways to increase the flow and recommendations for your Business Plan with an eye to help you to add sections or additional research to make you plan as complete and fluent as it can be.At this point, incorporate all of the instructor’s suggestions from the first and second part of the Business Plan. In addition, follow the subsequent steps:1.Create the transitions between the first and second assignment to be sure there is a flow and it looks like one concise Business Plan. 2.Review all of your ideas in your Marketing and Operations sections and be sure they are accounted for in your Financials. For example, if you mention a marketing campaign in the Marketing section, be sure that all of the costs associated with that campaign are clearly outlined and accounted for in the financial section. 3.Create all of the sections below (Mission Statement, Table of Contents, Abstract and Appendices, References). 4.Review Part 1 and Part 2 and be sure that your headings are consistent throughout the whole paper. For example, Marketing should be the same level heading as Financials. In addition, ensure that the numbering of the sections and figures (this covers all visual aids, tables, etc.) is continuous and logic. (see APA sample paper 5.Once this assignment is submitted, your instructor will provide feedback to help you improve your Business Plan before the final submission. The more complete this assignment is the better input you can get from your instructor. Make sure you include all of the following using APA and business writing skills:•Mission Statement•Table of Contents•Execute Summary (Abstract) •Appendices•Conclusions•Mission Statement:This is for the innovation and would clearly describe in one (1) page how the innovation will provide value to the people in the city you have chosen and to the Fortune 500 company that you have chosen. The Mission Statement should use some of the same words from the Mission Statement from the Fortune 500 company and the city.•Table of Contents: Follow APA guidelines adding page throughout on the entire document. (see APA sample paper •Execute Summary (Abstract): This is usually about a page and it gives the high level details for the plan, including a few sentences about the value your innovation will bring and how the marketing, operations, and financials all indicate the viability of the innovation. This section should also advertise the innovation and create interest in it for the reader. Again, keep in mind this might be the only page an executive would look at. •Appendices: Some students put the financials in the appendix section; some studentsinclude a snap shot of the financial templates right into the document. Remember you are going to turn in one (1) WORD DOCUMENT for this whole Business Plan (so you mustnot have multiple separate documents, like a separate Excel spreadsheet, to attach when you submit your final Business Plan. Instead you would copy and paste the Excel sheet into the Word document. Instructions can be found online (e.g. on YouTube: •Conclusions: In one to two pages*, draw your conclusions as to how the data supports your innovation. Your conclusions need to be supported by findings in the literature reviewand your subsequent research. Do not bring up new ideas or data in the conclusion section. This section is solely meant to wrap up the entire Business Plan.COMMON MISTAKES TO AVOID:1.Forgetting to incorporate the suggestions from their instructor from Part 1 and Part 2 of the Business Plan.2.Using contractions like don’t, can’t, won’t. Contractions are not to be found in capstone work.3.Using pronouns (us, us, them, and them) as they confuse the reader4.Forgetting that this is a Business Plan and use words like must or should. R emember you are writing this for a company to consider your innovation – never say “must do this” or “should do that” as it sounds like an order rather than a proposal; use terms like “recommendation” and “option” instead.5.Failure to show connections to what was learned in the BBA program; specifically courses like Marketing, Operations and Finance would be evidenced, cited, and included.



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