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Business Plan Part 2

For this business plan assignment you are to review your Outline (Assignment 2) and then fill in and actually write the second half of the Business Plan. Before you submit this assignment review ALL the instructor feedback from Assignment 3 and do not continue to make the same mistakes.

For example, if your instructor reminds you that you are not using APA, or APA headings, be sure you make this second assignment follow those guidelines. After you receive feedback on this business plan assignment (after Week 6) you will combine the first half of the Business Plan with the second half of the Business Plan for your final Signature Assignment for this class.For this assignment prepare and write out the following sections of your proposed business. Use APA and follow APA guidelines for your headings.

Each section of the business plan is to have primary source data and you should cite the text book at least three (3) times in this section. Remember to alphabetize all of your sources for this paper and list them in a reference section at the end. It is recommended that you use only short citations, up to fifteen words. Trying to fill up your paper with long citations of five to ten lines long is never appropriate in a Business Plan. If you quote more than 40 words, follow APA guidelines in doing so: ORDER NOW

Also remember the “voice” of a Business Plan is never to write that something “must” or “should” be done. The Business Plan “voice” is to recommend or provide options and opportunities. Also avoid using any pronouns (we, us, they, them, etc.) as they are always confusing and should be completely avoided in a Business Plan.

For this paper have at least six (6) pages* for each major section (Operations plan) and to have at least four to five paragraphs on all of the smaller sections (Key Suppliers). Often students need twice that amount of pages to successfully complete this business plan assignment. Furthermore, a paragraph is usually about a third of a page and is never just one sentence:

Each major section of the business plan should have a minimum of two to three citations (not quotes), many will have twice that amount. It is never allowed to have a single sentence paragraph.After you have written this assignment you need to go back and look at Assignment 2 and write the Executive Summary and submit that at the front end of Assignment 2. Remember you have already written 2 – 7 in the first half of the Business Plan (so the numbering appears to be off below, but it is not). ORDER NOW

1. Executive Summary It is recommended that you write this before you submit this paper but not until you have finished all of the sections below. The purpose of an Executive Summary is to write a brief description of your plan that allows the reader to gain the essence of the entire plan in less than two pages. It is intended to give a busy executive the key information and lead the reader to the sections that will answer the executive’s primary questions. It is not an introduction to the plan, as you may have written in typical papers. This Executive Summary, although positioned first in the project, should actually be written last. That way you know what you are summarizing. Writing it earlier will cause it to tend towards a traditional introduction.

The elements of an Executive Summary for a business plan are:

●Purpose of the plan (attract investors, diversification, etc.)●Introduction to market opportunity●Brief description of the company●A description of the unsatisfied need that creates the business opportunity/innovation

2. Operations Plan (operations for product or service from the beginning to the end of the supply chain (Cradle to Cradle) of the supply chain, technology, expert advice).

Key suppliers, Customers, and Operations◉List of potential suppliers◉Production and Service Delivery Procedures◉Supply Chain process flow chart (how goods and services will flow from the supplier all the way through the organization to the customer). These are some examples:◉Products return process◉Supplier Relationship Management◉Logistics◉Packaging◉Transportation

9. Financial Plan (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, personal financial statement [not included in student plan – but students need to be aware of this requirement], financial ratios, forecasts, expert advice). ORDER NOW

  • Financial Analysis
  • Funds required and their sources
  • Current funding requirements
  • Funding requirements over the next three years (key ratios to focus on)
  • Use of funds
  • Loss Control
  • Financial statements for first three (3) years (monthly first year and annually for years two and three) (may use template)
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Determine capital requirements
  • Determine funding sources

10. Action Plan: Steps to take to implement business plan including performance evaluation criteria

11. Conclusions & Recommendations•Conclude why your business is a viable business venture (or a viable business/strategic path for the client company)•Explain why the student should or should not pursue the business venture at this time (or why or why not the client) •business should pursue the path under investigation)

12. Appendices & Reference Section (Reference section will include at least 35 sources for research for the business plan and APA citation will be provided for each source). Examples for other Appendices include: a. Key employee resumes, product and advertising samples, press clippingsb. First impression collateral (e.g. cover letters for sources of income, brand,printing, design, charts, graphs and tables, multimedia presentations, etc.)c. Information that creates capital (market research, communication plan, financing, websites, trade groups, associations, etc.)

References This section continues with the Arabic numbering of pages. Only sources of information that have actually been cited in the project are included here. (see APA sample paper AppendicesThe appendices continue with the Arabic numbering of pages from the previous section. (see APA sample paper

This section includes information that is too detailed to be included in its entirety in the body of the project. This would include raw data, sample questionnaires, and detailed computations. This section would also include information that is referred to but is not essential to the project, such as relevant policies, laws, forms, pamphlets, sample letters sent to organizations and subjects, or subject consent forms.



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