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Ashworth College PSYCHOLOGY s0v4 Exam 3


Question 1 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

What is a specific, but limited, time usually early in an organism’s life, during which the organism is particularly susceptible to environmental influences relating to some particular facet of development?

A .  Latent period

B .  Sensitive period

C .  Critical period

D .  Plasticity period

Question 2 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

Which of the following is NOT an explanation as to why a newborn’s body lacks easy mobility?

A .  The baby’s head is disproportionately larger than its body .

B .  Babies cannot get enough nourishment to increase their strength .

C .  The baby’s limbs are relatively short in relation to the rest of the body .

D .  Babies’ bodies are mostly fat, not muscle, so they lack the strength to pick their head up .

Question 3 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

What was the argument presented for advocates of bottle-feeding?

A .  Bottle-feeding had more nutrients .

B .  Parents could keep track of the amount of milk the baby was receiving .

C .  Bottle-feeding offered significant emotional advantages .

D .  Bottle-fed babies were more responsive to their mothers .

Question 4 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

At what age does the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians suggest that babies can start eating solid food?

A .  6 months

B .  8 months

C .  10 months

D .  12 months

Question 5 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

Which principle states that development proceeds from the center of the body outward?

A .  Cephalocaudal

B .  Independence of systems

C .  Proximodistal

D .  Hierarchical integration

Question 6 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

What is the term for the reflex that scientists feel represents a leftover response that humans inherited from their nonhuman ancestors?

A .  Babinski

B .  Rooting

C .  Swimming

D .  Moro

Question 7 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

Due to malnutrition, a child’s stomach, limbs, and face may swell with water so that the child actually appears chubby, but in fact the child is suffering from:

A .  nonorganic failure to thrive .

B .  rickets.

C .  marasmus.

D .  kwashiorkor.

Question 8 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

Babies are typically able to crawl between __________ months of age .

A .  6 and 10

B .  5 and 8

C .  10 and 12

D .  8 and 10

Question 9 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

Breast feeding an infant for the first 12 months of life is the preferred method by child-care experts for all of the reasons below EXCEPT breast milk:

A .  contains all the nutrients necessary for growth .

B .  offers some immunity to childhood diseases .

C .  is cheaper than store-bought formula .

D .  is more easily digested than cow’s milk or formula .

Question 10 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

What is the term for the degree of awareness an infant displays to both internal and external stimulation?

A .  Rhythm

B .  Attention

C .  Sensitive period

D .  State

Question 11 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

If you examine the different growth patterns of a child’s body size, nervous system, and sexual characteristics, you would apply which principle?

A .  Principle of the independence of systems

B .  Cephalocaudal principle

C .  Principle of hierarchical integration

D .  Proximodistal principle

Question 12 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

SIDS strikes about __________ infants in the U . S .  each year .

A .  2500

B .  10,000

C .  100,000

D .  1,000,000

Question 13 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

Synaptic pruning means unused:

A .  myelin is being removed in the brain .

B .  dendrites are being removed in the brain .

C .  axons are being removed in the brain .

D .  synapses are being removed in the brain .

Question 14 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

What is the term for the ability to detect sound and pinpoint the direction from which it is emanating?

A .  Discrimination

B .  Sound distinction

C .  Sound travel

D .  Sound localization

Question 15 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

By the age of __________ months, babies can move themselves in different directions .

A .  4

B .  6

C .  9

D .  12

Question 16 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

At approximately what age is a baby able to prominently open its hand and grasp a rattle?

A .  at birth

B .  3 months

C .  6 months

D .  10 months

Question 17 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

The developmental researcher(s) who conducted the classic study regarding the “visual cliff” was/were:

A .  Pavlov .

B .  Skinner .

C .  Bandura.

D .  Gibson & Walk .

Question 18 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

The “visual cliff” study indicates that most infants in the age range of __________ months cannot be coaxed to cross the “cliff . ”

A .  6 to 14

B .  5 to 12

C .  12 to 14

D .  8 to 14

Question 19 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

What is the fatty substance that helps insulate neurons and speeds the transmission of nerve impulses?

A .  Dendrites

B .  Axons

C .  Myelin

D .  Synapse

Question 20 of 20 5 . 0/ 5 . 0 Points

What principle means that we would likely develop visual abilities (located in the head) well before we master the ability to walk (closer to the end of the body)?

A .  Independence of systems

B .  Hierarchical integration

C .  Cephalocaudal

D .  Proximodistal





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