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Discuss 2 of the 3 questions below (you only have to pick two of the 3 questions) Does not have to be long response about 250 words

Discuss 2 of the 3 questions below (you only have to pick two of the 3 questions) Does not have to be long response about 250 words

Perception: Interpreting Our Environment

Consider the text’s point that we often perceive things differently from others and that no one perception is necessarily right. What, from an OB perspective, are the benefits of differences of perception when a team of people are working on a project? What are the potential drawbacks of perceptual differences when a team is working together on a project?

Common Perceptual Distortions

Choose one of the perceptual distortions discussed (stereotypes, selective attention, halo effect, primary effect, recency effect, contrast effect, project, self-fulfilling prophecy, and impression management), and briefly describe a situation where your perception of another person was impacted by that distortion.

Common Attribution Errors

Imagine that you are waiting in line to purchase groceries. You notice that your line is moving very slowly because the high school-aged student who is bagging groceries is flirting with the cashier rather than working quickly and paying attention to customers. What internal and external attributions might you apply to this behavior? Try to generate at least three options for each type of attribution.

Second Assignment   

While emotional intelligence is considered an important and desirable quality in employees, discuss the ways in which emotional intelligence may be used in unscrupulous or unethical ways. For example, imagine you are running a Ponzi scheme similar to the one Bernie Madoff created and ran. How would social awareness, relationship management, self-awareness, and self-management benefit your efforts to swindle people and foundations? Rank the usefulness of each of the four dimensions of IE in this context and explain your rationale.



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