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The top-level domain name of .com indicates that the website is A. educational. B. commercial. C. government-related. D. nonprofit.

Information Literacy Lesson 2

1. The top-level domain name of .com indicates that the website is A. educational. B. commercial. C. government-related. D. nonprofit.

2. Plain language searches do not work in EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP) and may not work in other periodical databases because periodical databases A. require only subject-related searches. B. use only keyword searches. C. aren’t programmed to understand plain language searches. D. recognize only synonyms.

3. Which of the following is an online library? A. iSEEK Education B. Dogpile C. RefSeek D. WorldCat

4. In EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP), the publication field indicates A. in which publication (magazine, book, and so on) the source can be found. B. in which volume the article is published. C. when the source was published. D. the length of the article.

5. Using a minus (-) sign in your search indicates that A. the term needs to be included in your search. B. the word should be excluded from your search. C. the hits need to be evaluated according to a mathematical formula. D. the search engine or database needs to perform calculations.

6. Why is the viewpoint of an author important? A. It expresses popular opinion. B. It helps you to determine whether an article is biased or unbiased. C. It states your point of view on a particular topic. D. It provides you with direct quotes for your research.

7. When is the best time to cite a source? A. As soon as you find the source B. As soon as you decide a source is not worth using in your paper C. When you start to create your bibliography D. Before you find the source

8. The search engine Bing offers A. related search ideas and search suggestions as you type in the search bar, as well as various search options. B. different results gleaned from URLs and tags for different subjects searched. C. more than 100,000 sources from universities, the government, and noncommercial providers. D. searches across library catalogs, newspapers, journal articles, and the Web.

9. Which of the following statements about human-power search engines is true? A. The selection process is unregulated, so the results are thought to be of lower quality. B. Links are selected by users. C. Users send in their search request and then the search engine librarians find materials for them. D. People code the search engine so that they’ll populate lists of trending search terms and phrases.

10. Examples of common search engines used for research include A. Open Library, Project Gutenberg, and The Internet Public Library. B. EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP), Reader’s Guide, and Dogpile. C. Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. D. Google, Bing, and Yahoo



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