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The hallmark of neurofibromatosis (von Recklinghausen’s disease) present in almost 100% of patients is:

Question 95

What is the most commonly abused substance?

· Question 96

The hallmark of neurofibromatosis (von Recklinghausen’s   disease) present in almost 100% of patients is:

· Question 97

Diagnostic evaluation of   hypothyroidism reveals:

· Question 98

An obese hyperlipidemic patient, newly diagnosed with type   2 diabetes mellitus, has fasting glucose values 180 to 250 mg/Dl. What is the   most appropriate initial treatment to consider?

A. A   low-calorie diet and exercise
  B. Sliding-scale NPH insulin every 12 hours
  C. A sulfonylurea and/or metformin (Glucophage® -XR)
  D. Sliding-scale regular insulin every 6 hours

· Question 99

The correct treatment for ankle sprain during the first 48   hours after injury includes:

· Question 100

Prolonged PT suggests:


Platelet abnormality


Abnormality in intrinsic     coagulation pathway


Abnormality in extrinsic     coagulation pathway


None of the above

Question 101 


A patient presenting for an annual physical exam has a BMI of 25 kg/m2 This patient would be classified as:

· Question 102

The most reliable indicator(s) of neurological deficit   when assessing a patient with acute low back pain is(are):

· Question 103

Risk factors for Addison’s disease   include which of the following? 

· Question 104

Major depression occurs most often   in which of the following conditions?

· Question 105

Which of the following medications increase the risk for   metabolic syndrome?

· Question 106

A 27 year old female patient with epilepsy is well   controlled with phenytoin (Dilantin). She requests information about   contraception. The nurse practitioner should instruct her that while taking   phenytoin:

· Question 107

Risk factors for prostate cancer include all of the   following except: 

· Question 108

Maria, age 17, was raped when she was 13 year old. She is   now experiencing sleeping problems, flashbacks, and depression. What is your   initial diagnosis?Post-traumatic stress disorder

NURS 6531 Final Exam / NURS6531 Final Exam (Latest): Walden University

Walden NURS 6531 Final Exam / Walden NURS6531 Final Exam (Latest)

· Question 1

When   completing this quiz, did you comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct   including the expectations for academic integrity?

· Question 2

Central obesity, “moon” face, and dorsocervical fat pad   are associated with:


Metabolic     syndrome


Unilateral     pheochromocytoma


Cushing’s     syndrome


None     of the above

· Question 3

An elderly man is started on lisinopril and   hydrochlorhiazide for hypertension. Three days later, he returns to the   office complaining of left great toe pain. On exam, the nurse practitioner   notes an edematous, erythematous tender left great toe. The likely   precipitant of this patient’s pain is:




Tight     shoes


Arthritis     flare





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