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PSY 550 Final Exam Questions

PSY 550 Final Exam
Short Answers
The 25 questions below are worth 3 points each.
1. What is the interactionist point of view? Identify two intelligence theorists who believe in this perspective.

2. What is the main difference between the factor analysts and traditional theorists with regard to theory derivation?

3. A school psychologist strongly believes a particular child is in need of special services.
What is the psychologist trying to control for if he or she uses the most recently normed test available?

4. What are two benefits of the WASI?

5. Identify three improvements of the WAIS-IV over the WAIS-III.

6. Provide one advantage and one disadvantage of group-administered intelligence tests.

7. Give three examples of extra-test behavior on an ability test.

8. RtI is said to be multilevel in nature because there are at least three levels of intervention. What are these three levels of intervention?

9. Name three recommended uses for the Woodcock-Johnson III.
10. Name three things that would be included in the best approach to diagnosing a specific learning ability.

11. What is the purpose of empirical criterion keying?

12. Identify two functions of validity scales on personality tests.

13. Identify a criticism of the MMPI that contributed to the need for developing the MMPI-2. Identify a criticism of the MMPI-2.What is the purpose of the inquiry stage of the administration of the Rorschach test?

14. What is the purpose of the inquiry stage of the administration of the Rorschach test?

15. Identify three criticisms of projective tests.

16. What principle do assessors utilize when interpreting the TAT?

17. Give an example of a behavioral assessment approach.

18. What does a mental status exam assess?

19. Give an example of the Barnum effect.

20. Why is it recommended to utilize the BDI-II with other tests?

21. A neuropsychologist blindfolds a patient and then moves the patient’s arms and legs in various positions. The patient is unable to identify where his limbs are located. The neuropsychologist would MOST likely suspect that the patient has suffered some sort of damage to which lobe? Explain your reasoning.

22. What are three things that the Tower of Hanoi measures?

23. Give an example of a performance assessment.

24. What is an assessment center and what is it utilized for?

25. How does Maslow’s hierarchy apply to worker motivation?

Essay Questions
The essay questions below are worth 7 points each.
1. One of your friends asks you the unlikely question “What contributes to intelligence?” Based on what you have learned in this course, what would be your response?

2. Compare and contrast crystallized versus fluid intelligence. Give an example of each form of intelligence.

3. Compare and contrast two established personality assessments discussed in the course. Include in your discussion strengths and limitations of each measure.

4. Throughout the course, issues related to cultural diversity have been addressed. Identify one intelligence, educational, or personality measure and describe its strengths and weaknesses as it relates to diversity.

5. Identify and describe at least three ethical dilemmas or responsibilities a psychological assessor may face.


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