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picot question about nursing issue

Table of Contents


Please do not use any of the Nurse Daniel information for your own topic, nursing intervention, or change project. Nurse Daniel serves as an example only to illustrate the change process.

Nurse Daniel Story:

Daniel has been an RN for 12 years and works on a Medical-Surgical unit at a community hospital. He is completing his BSN program in a few weeks and is being mentored by his supervisor, the current Unit Manager, who will soon be retiring. Daniel will be promoted to that leadership position shortly after graduating. Daniel is aware of challenges that are impacting patient outcome measures. Daniel is also cognizant of his own strengths and limitations and is currently developing a plan to address the unit patient issues, communicate effectively, and stay engaged with his peers, as well as maintaining his own positive health status.

Daniel has identified a practice issue on his unit that he would like to address for better patient outcomes. The number of health-associated infections (HAI’s) have been increasing for patients with central lines on his unit. The current Unit Manager has alerted Daniel to the fact that infection rates of patients on the unit have increased by 35% in the past year. Daniel is unsure of the exact nature and cause of this increase but suspects there may be non-adherence to policies and/or procedural errors. As he reflects on this, he also becomes aware that when his role changes to the new Unit Manager, this issue will take on renewed importance and accountability. Deciding to be proactive, Daniel begins to search for a systematic review that could be used as part of an evidence summary for quality improvement with the HAI issue. He also plans to inquire about the unit data and other in-house information that might be pertinent. After discussing his plan with the Unit Manager, Daniel decides to use the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to find an appropriate systematic review. His manager suggests he also use the ACE Star Model as a strategy for looking at the evidence and planning a possible change of practice.

After searching the Cochrane Database, Daniel located a systematic review that aligned with his topic issue. He has decided to use a PICOT format to further clarify what he is wanting to summarize and plan. As far as the scope of this practice issue, Daniel also found slight increases in the numbers of HAI on other units within the facility for patients with central lines. His thinking is that the nurses may be missing the signs of infection through irregular assessment and monitoring. Therefore, his PICOT contains the following:

  • P=Patients over the age of 25 years with central lines
  • I=Develop and implement an early detection system on his unit to compare with another unit
  • C=The comparison of the 2 units related to the number of infections (HAI) on each unit
  • O=The targeted outcome would be a decrease in central line infections
  • T=The timeframe would be for a 6 month period of trial time

Daniel knows it will be important to justify his rationale for this type of trial, so he is preparing to summarize the discovered evidence. His Unit Manager has informed him that any trial involving a possible change of practice requires submission of evidence from the literature and presentation of the practice issue and evidence summary to the Unit Council for consideration. Daniel plans to recommend a Modified Early Warning Scoring (MEWS) system and emphasize the dangers of HAIs, patient safety concerns, unsatisfactory patient outcomes, and the variances in nursing practice from unit to unit in caring for patients with central lines.

Male student studying

For his evidence summary, Daniel hopes to convey:

  • a statement of the problem and the possible related nursing practices that may be contributing factors
  • the PICOT outline
  • the chosen systematic review (related to improving professional adherence to guidelines for prevention of device-related infections)
  • a summary of the review as it relates to the identified practice issue and suggested interventions to improve patient outcomes

As Daniel prepares his documentation, he is also aware that the Unit Council will want to know more about his implementation plan. He plans to address any limitations from the systematic review and how this could impact a trial.

Daniel continues to think about a change intervention to support patient outcome improvement with HAIs. He begins searching practice guidelines and standards in order to further assess the feasibility of his planned intervention. His Unit Manager has suggested he do this in order to strengthen his rationale for this change and add to the evidence from the unit/hospital data and his chosen systematic review. Daniel has located and retrieved information from several other sources to add to his data and review. These include HAI-related articles and video presentations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Joint Commission, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). He also retrieved a scholarly article about Modified Early Warning Scores (MEWS) describing how this system might be implemented. He plans to use all of this material in thinking about his recommendations for change.


Please watch the following video on Stakeholders:

Daniel begins critically thinking about the possible costs of a change intervention and the stakeholders involved. He is aware that his organization requires permission to be obtained prior to trialing a change. Securing permission involves communication with all of the stakeholders for the change to be successful. He considers the culture of his organization, the informal and formal power structures, and the types of interactions he experiences with other nurses on his unit. Daniel is also aware of how change can be perceived differently by individuals so relating any potential changes to peers will require sensitivity and support. He knows his presentation to the Unit Council is a critical step in gaining further permission to proceed. In his hospital, the chairperson of the Unit Council will then make a presentation to the Quality Council for final approval.

Daniel continues to work through the steps of the ACE Star Model (Stevens, 2013) as he further develops his intervention plan. In reviewing his scope of evidence, Daniel concludes that there are a number of variations in HAI prevention throughout organizations. Based on this, he decides to proceed with a plan to include the MEWS (AHRQ, Innovations, n.d.) system as well as periodic education sessions for nurses regarding central line best practices. Daniel works with his Unit Manager to create a plan to include the resources needed to initiate a trial of this system. Resource allocation is a critical factor for this intervention, therefore Daniel wants to also present evidence of the positive outcomes of using a MEWS (AHRQ, Innovations, n.d.) system based on experiences from other facilities. His Unit Manager has arranged a conference call to include Daniel and an assistant nursing director friend who currently uses the MEWS (AHRQ, Innovations, n.d.) system on her unit in a similar-sized community hospital.

During his conference call, Daniel learned that the patient outcome data indicated a positive impact due to an increase in nursing awareness and knowledge of HAIs as well as documenting of symptoms. However, there were still issues with nurse response times to patients whose symptoms changed. This information was helpful for Daniel and confirmed his intervention ideas of including an ongoing nursing education component as part of the introduction of an early warning system. With this added information, Daniel suggests to the Unit Manager that prior to his initial presentation to the Unit Council, education department personnel may need to be consulted regarding the feasibility of a related ongoing education initiative.

Daniel continues to identify team members in his plan and define their roles and responsibilities in this process. His thinking also includes attention to patient safety and satisfaction as well as the costs involved. Team members will include professionals from other disciplines. These members will also need educated regarding the MEWS (AHRQ, Innovations, n.d.) scoring system.

Daniel develops a timeline for the six month trial, including a pre-trial education period for the team members on the unit. Infection rates will be monitored as part of the data collection after the MEWS (AHRQ, Innovations, n.d.) system is in place for the trial. He and his Unit Manager complete a cost analysis of the trial resources to be used, including the costs incurred when patients develop central line infections, as a way to demonstrate how infection prevention will actually result in a cost savings.

Daniel decides to prepare his presentation for the Unit Council in hopes of gaining support for his change process plan. His presentation will include the following:

  • An overview of the ACE Star Model (Stevens, 2013) as a method to incorporate a change process with supportive evidence. This lets the Unit Council know he is using an evidence-based process in his assessment and planning efforts.
  • An explanation of the problem identified, the scope of the problem, and an evidence summary will be detailed. He will include his PICOT question here.
  • The evidence summary will include:
    • potential interventions identified in a systematic review and other scholarly sources;
    • specific data from his unit and other units in the hospital;
    • information from professional practice guidelines and sources such as the CDC and Joint Commission; and,
    • the information from his conference call regarding the use of early warning systems.
  • Recommendations for change are described and based on the evidence summary.
  • The identification of the stakeholders, the practice area, team member roles and responsibilities, and the required resources needed are included.
  • The Action Plan including:
    • the activities of the team involved through the process,
    • ways to inform the staff of the plan,
    • inclusion of data worksheets, tip sheets, and protocols;
    • the coordination of ongoing weekly updates and education of staff, and
    • the timeline to be used.

For the evaluation process, Daniel plans to include: a strategy for evaluating the results, who is to be involved in this collaboration, and next steps before disseminating information about the findings. Comparative measurable data outcomes will be recorded over the 6 month period with the hope that the MEWS intervention and education sessions will result in a decrease in central line infections on the unit. Daniel plans to use a bar chart throughout the timeline to illustrate the results on a poster within the unit.

If results are positive in decreasing the unit HAI rates, the decision for key hospital leaders will be to consider using a permanent warning system throughout the facility and then allocating the resources needed to accomplish this.

Daniel and his Unit Manager meet to go through the presentation content. Daniel is planning to use a PowerPoint presentation at the Unit Council meeting and also provide handouts to include his timeline, data worksheets to be used in the process, and the references and permalink to the systematic review article from the hospital library. His Unit Manager reminds him there are a few nurses she identifies as informal leaders on the unit that might be somewhat resistant to this type of change. These nurses are experienced and outspoken and have influence with their peers. Daniel considers ways to address this issue in hopes of gaining informal leader support.

A short tutorial with tips for completing this assignment may be viewed below or by reading the transcript (Links to an external site.).

***** please let me know if you cannot play the video*******

EBP Change Process (form)

  1. Download the EBP Change Process form (Links to an external site.) during Week 1.
  2. The use of this specific form is REQUIRED and is due at the end of Week 6.
  3. A short tutorial with tips for completing this assignment may be viewed in the short video above.
  4. Identify a clinical topic and related nursing practice issue you think needs to be changed.
  5. Locate a systematic review on your topic from the CCN Library databases. Be sure this involves nursing actions.
  6. Work through each step of the ACE Star Model as outlined on the assignment form (Star Points 1-5: Discovery, Summary, Translation, Implementation, and Evaluation). Respond to the instructions provided on the form.
  7. Follow the activities and thinking of Nurse Daniel in Weeks 1-6 in the ‘Illustration’ part of each lesson. He will be working through a clinical topic and nursing practice issue to demonstrate a change (ACE Star Model and systematic review).
  8. Work on a portion of the process each week, as the illustration unfolds.
  9. Please reach out to your instructor for feedback or assistance with your PICOT question as needed.
  10. Required and Additional Background Reading in Weeks 1 and 2 under Readings is available for more information on the ACE Star Model and the use of systematic reviews.
  11. Please cite any references (in APA format) of your systematic review or other scholarly document (optional) as needed. Paraphrasing information, rather than quoting, is expected. No quotes for this assignment please!
  12. For questions about this assignment, please contact your instructor.
  13. Use the grading rubric as a final way to check that all components of the form have been completed. The rubric is the tool your instructor will use to assess your content.


Before preparing your assignment, please review this Crediting Sources Made Simple (Links to an external site.) resource. This tool is intended to help you understand scholarly writing, APA, referencing, and crediting. Please reach out to your instructor with any questions as you prepare your assignment.


Week 6: EBP Change Process Assignment Grading Rubric

Week 6: EBP Change Process Assignment Grading Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeA systematic review from the CCN Library databases was selected, identified, and was appropriate for the selected nursing change process.

25.0 pts

One systematic review from the CCN Library databases was identified and was clearly appropriate.

22.0 pts

A systematic review was selected from the CCN Library databases and was mostly appropriate for a nursing change process.

20.0 pts

A systematic review was selected from the CCN Library databases and was fairly appropriate for a nursing change process.

10.0 pts

A systematic review was selected, but not from the CCN Library databases and/or was not appropriate for this assignment.

0.0 pts

No systematic review selected or used.

25.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStar Point 1 (Discovery) The topic, nursing practice issue, rationale and scope of the problem were clearly identified and described.

25.0 pts

Star Point 1 elements in the first column were thoroughly addressed.

22.0 pts

Star Point 1 elements in the first column were mostly well addressed.

20.0 pts

Star Point 1 was missing one element in the first column or one lacked detail.

10.0 pts

Star Point 1 was missing more than one element in the first column and others lacked detail.

0.0 pts

The ACE Star Model Star Point 1 was not completed.

25.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStar Point 2 (Summary) The NURSING practice problem, NURSING related PICOT question, Cochrane systematic review, and other optional references, evidence summary, strength, and solutions, are listed and described.

35.0 pts

Star Point 2 elements in the first column were thoroughly addressed.

31.0 pts

Star Point 2 elements in the first column were mostly well addressed.

28.0 pts

Star Point 2 was missing one element in the first column or one lacked detail.

13.0 pts

Star Point 2 was missing more than one element in the first column and others lacked detail. or were inappropriate.

0.0 pts

The ACE Star Model Star Point 2 was not completed.

35.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStar Point 3 (Translation) Care standards, practice guidelines, or protocols; stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities; the nursing role; rationale for including certain stakeholders, and cost analysis plan are addressed.

35.0 pts

Star Point 3 elements in the first column were thoroughly addressed.

31.0 pts

Star Point 3 elements in the first column were mostly well addressed.

28.0 pts

Star Point 3. was missing one element in the first column or one lacked detail.

13.0 pts

Star Point 3 was missing more than one element in the first column and others lacked detail.

0.0 pts

The ACE Star Model Star Point 3 was not completed.

35.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStar Point 4 (Implementation) Permission process, education plan, timeline, measurable outcomes, forms, resources, and stakeholder meetings, are addressed.

35.0 pts

Star Point 4 elements in the first column were thoroughly addressed.

31.0 pts

Star Point 4 elements in the first column were mostly well addressed

28.0 pts

Star Point 4 was missing one element in the first column or one lacked detail.

13.0 pts

Star Point 4 was missing more than one element in the first column and others lacked detail.

0.0 pts

The ACE Star Model Star Point 4 was not completed.

35.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStar Point 5 (Evaluation) Reporting results, process and next steps are addressed.

35.0 pts

Star Point 5 elements in the first column were thoroughly addressed.

31.0 pts

Star Point 5 elements in the first column were mostly well addressed

28.0 pts

Star Point 5 was missing one element in the first column or one lacked detail.

13.0 pts

Star Point 5 was missing more than one element in the first column and others lacked detail.

0.0 pts

The ACE Star Model Star Point 5 was not completed.

35.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeInformation was presented clearly and thoughts were well organized and logical.

20.0 pts

Information was presented clearly and thoughts were well organized and logical throughout.

18.0 pts

Information was presented clearly and thoughts were mainly organized and logical throughout.

16.0 pts

Information was presented clearly and thoughts were somewhat organized and logical throughout.

8.0 pts

Information was not consistently clear and/or was not consistently organized and logical.

0.0 pts

Information was disorganized and difficult to understand.

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThe systematic review and any other scholarly resources were properly listed in APA format. The writing includes error free grammar and spelling, and complete sentence structure.

15.0 pts

Excellent mechanics and APA formatting with minimal errors in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

13.0 pts

Good mechanics and formatting considering the elements listed in the first column

12.0 pts

Fair mechanics and formatting considering the elements listed in the first column

6.0 pts

Poor mechanics and formatting considering the elements listed in the first column

0.0 pts

Very poor mechanics and formatting such that information is difficult to read.

15.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssignment Form Used

0.0 pts

0 points deducted

Correct assignment form used

0.0 pts

22.5 points (10%) deducted

Incorrect form used resulting in point deduction

0.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLate Deduction

0.0 pts

0 points deducted

Submitted on time

0.0 pts

Not submitted on time – Point deduction

1 day late =11.25 deduction; 2 days=22.5 deduction; 3 days=33.75 deduction; 4 days =45 deduction; 5 days = 56.25 deduction; 6 days =67.5 deduction; 7 days =78.75 deduction; Score of 0 if more than 7 days late

0.0 pts

Total Points: 225.0

This assignment requires you to use our college library, So I will send the article I would like you to use because you wont be able to access our library. Please let me know if you have questions, or if anything is unclear!


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