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PHI 208 Week 1 quiz (all correct)

  Question 1. 1. Rachels concludes that: (Points : 1)

      [removed] active euthanasia is always worse than passive euthanasia.
      [removed] passive euthanasia is always worse than active euthanasia.
      [removed] active euthanasia is always morally permissible.
      [removed] none of the above.

  Question 2. 2. Glaukon begins by claiming that “those who practice justice” do so (Points : 1)

      [removed] Because they know it is the right thing to do.
      [removed] Because they are compelled by their conscience.
      [removed] Because they are incapable of doing otherwise.
      [removed] Because all of the parts of their character are harmoniously oriented toward the good.

  Question 3. 3. According to Rachels, the case of Smith and Jones shows that: (Points : 1)

      [removed] killing is intrinsically worse than letting die.
      [removed] there is no intrinsic moral difference between killing and letting die.
      [removed] letting die is morally worse than killing.
      [removed] it is never permissible either to let someone die or to kill them.

  Question 4. 4. According to Rachels, many people accept the conventional doctrine because they believe: (Points : 1)

      [removed] killing is intrinsically worse than letting die.
      [removed] there is no intrinsic moral difference between killing and letting die.
      [removed] letting die is morally worse than killing.
      [removed] it is never permissible either to let someone die or to kill them.

  Question 5. 5. If the Ring of Gyges really existed, (Points : 1)

      [removed] Just people would use it for justice.
      [removed] Just people would not use it at all.
      [removed] Unjust people would use it differently than just people.
      [removed] Everyone would use it the same.

  Question 6. 6. Kass argues that there is an important difference between withdrawing treatment and active, direct mercy killing, and this difference lies in the (Points : 1)

      [removed] primary intention of the doctor.
      [removed] ultimate outcome of the actions.
      [removed] Constitution of the United States.
      [removed] sympathy that we feel for the patient’s suffering.

  Question 7. 7. Midgely concludes that (Points : 1)

      [removed] If we accept a value in another culture, we can still reject that value in our culture.
      [removed] If we accept a value in another culture, we must accept that value in our culture.
      [removed] If we reject a value in another culture, we must reject that value in our culture.
      [removed] B and C.

  Question 8. 8. According to Rachels, active euthanasia is currently: (Points : 1)

      [removed] forbidden by law, and conventionally considered immoral.
      [removed] forbidden by law, but conventionally considered permissible.
      [removed] permitted by law, but conventionally considered immoral.
      [removed] permitted by law, and conventionally considered permissible.

  Question 9. 9. According to the videos, in which is it legal to commit assisted suicide? (Points : 1)

      [removed] Canada
      [removed] Mexico
      [removed] Germany
      [removed] Switzerland

  Question 10. 10. The Ring of Gyges gave the shepherd who found it (Points : 1)

      [removed] Intelligence
      [removed] Invincibility
      [removed] Invisibility
      [removed] Wisdom

  Question 11. 11. Rachels claims that once it has been decided that euthanasia is desirable in a case: (Points : 1)

      [removed] a moral error has already been made.
      [removed] it has been decided that death is no greater an evil than the patient’s continued existence.
      [removed] it has been decided that the patient does not have a right to life.
      [removed] the amount of suffering of the patient becomes irrelevant.

  Question 12. 12. Rachels claims that when infants with Down’s syndrome are denied necessary operations, this is typically because: (Points : 1)

      [removed] the infants have Down’s syndrome.
      [removed] the surgery would be too expensive.
      [removed] the surgery would be too risky.
      [removed] all of the above.

  Question 13. 13. Rachels argues that the conventional doctrine: (Points : 1)

      [removed] is self-evidently correct.
      [removed] is not what most people believe, but can be supported by strong arguments.
      [removed] leads to decisions concerning life and death made on morally irrelevant grounds.
      [removed] leads to patients being euthanized against their will.

  Question 14. 14. Glaukon thinks that deep in our hearts we all believe that (Points : 1)

      [removed] Injustice is more profitable than justice.
      [removed] We will have a clearer conscience if we always stick to the laws of justice.
      [removed] To be unjust is to be a fool.
      [removed] Both B and C.

  Question 15. 15. Midgley thinks that although we can understand or appreciate other societies, (Points : 1)

      [removed] We should never judge the values of other societies.
      [removed] We must always respect the values of other societies.
      [removed] We have the right to judge other societies.
      [removed] We cannot understand them well enough to judge them.

  Question 16. 16. In the excerpt from Plato’s Republic, Glaukon suggests that people are good (Points : 1)

      [removed] only because they are powerless to commit injustice and get away with it.
      [removed] because their conscience tells them to be.
      [removed] out of reverence for the law.
      [removed] because living justly is objectively the best sort of life.

  Question 17. 17. Why is it hard for physicians to understand palliative care? (Points : 1)

      [removed] They do not care about their patients enough.
      [removed] They are well-educated in palliative care.
      [removed] They did not pay attention in medical school.
      [removed] They are focused on healing rather than helping die.

  Question 18. 18. Rachels claims that: (Points : 1)

      [removed] there is no moral difference between active and passive euthanasia, considered in themselves.
      [removed] there is always a moral difference between the consequences of active and passive euthanasia.
      [removed] both a and b.
      [removed] neither a nor b.

  Question 19. 19. Rachels claims that most actual cases of killing: (Points : 1)

      [removed] are morally worse than most actual cases of letting die.
      [removed] are morally the same most actual cases of letting die.
      [removed] are morally less bad than most actual cases of letting die.
      [removed] are morally required.

  Question 20. 20. James Rachels points out that when passive euthanasia is employed on infants, they typically die of: (Points : 1)

      [removed] poisoning.
      [removed] SARS.
      [removed] suffocation.
      [removed] dehydration and infection.



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