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Oral Speech for Stakeholder Meeting


Delivering a speech is only as effective as its organization and writing. In this milestone, you will develop an oral speech for a stakeholder meeting. 


Prompt: In this scenario, you have been tasked with constructing a short speech that will need to be delivered to stakeholders of two separate organizations due to the planning of an upcoming merger between them. The speech will be delivered by the President/CEO of the AT&T organization to top-tier executives and upper management team members from AT&T and COM WORLD. It will be offered in efforts to promote upper level buy-in and support for the decision to enact a corporate merger and acquisition of COM WORLD. The corporate merger will be “officially” announced in the coming weeks. However, there is much dissention among executives, management team members, and employees at both organizations as rumors of the merger have been swirling for approximately three months. There is strong concern at AT&T that the successful AT&T organization will be acquiring a less than successful company and assuming the liabilities of the acquired company. COM WORLD executives are concerned for the welfare and future of their employees and the loss of the COM WORLD brand. 


The speech is to inform all parties that the acquisition is a positive move and is created to prove strength in assets, privileges, customer base, and buying power. In addition, you are to ensure all leaders that while the COM WORLD organization will be acquired and its identity dissolved, plans are to retain all employees at both organizations at this time. There are no immediate plans to eliminate jobs at either organization. Rebranding the COM WORLD services as part of AT&T should elevate COM WORLD’s less than successful image and help to retain disgruntled customers. The merger will provide uniformity in advertising and marketing opportunities and increase buying power, employee knowledge, and services. Your goal is to create a speech that will create a positive vibe, dispel rumors, and promote buy-in. 


The speech will be followed with a Q/A session from executives and upper management team members on both sides of the merger. Therefore, your ability to create a speech that delivers this news in a positive manner is essential. Consider the following critical elements as you create your speech: 

What supplemental resources have you included to support the claim made in your speech?

Describe the two organizations and examples of strategic communication used for each 

Did you rehearse your speech aloud to ensure it lasts between three to five minutes? 


Guidelines for Submission:  The paper must address  the practice of contemporary communication and  proper mass  media format  and  be double-spaced  with  12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and  applicable supporting research. Use  APA style for citations.  



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oral speech for stakeholder meeting


Construct a short informative speech to be delivered to stakeholders of two separate organizations as part of a strategic organizational communication as described in the provided scenario. Create a speech that will deliver a positive vibe, dispel rumors, and promote buy-in. Choose appropriate tone and language in consideration for the intended sharing of the message via new media formats.

Review the module resources and other online examples of strategic best practices.



Textbook: Managerial Communication: Strategies and Applications, Chapter 5

Article: How Stories Change the Brain
This article by Paul Zak discusses the science and research that uncovers how stories shape our brains, bring strangers together, and empower us to be more sympathetic and generous. Also watch the video (5:58) in the article.

Article: The Necessary Art of Persuasion
Review this article on persuasion, which discusses effective persuasion as a negotiation and learning process through which persuaders lead others to shared solutions.

Article: Informative, Interesting, Relevant: Three Rules for Creating Quality Content in Digital Marketing
This Huffington Post article provides students with insight for creating quality content to be shared via the digital environment.

Video: Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action (cc) (18:04)
This top-ranked 2009 TED Talk provides an overview as to why some organizations and their leaders are able to connect and inspire while others are not. Examples include Apple, the Wright brothers, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Video: The Secret Structure of Great Talks (cc) (18:09)
This TED Talk featuring CEO Nancy Duarte discusses the opportunity to create a powerful call to action through ideas and how to communicate these world-changing ideas effectively.



Excellent job, received an A+ (96) on the paper. Thank you so much.


On time and beyond the work I expected. Communication is fast and amazing, this is the only writing service I will be using.

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