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Medical Terminology

  Pharmacology, the Integumentary System, and the Musculoskele

1. A young woman’s arms are covered with urticarious wheals. These are most likely

A. birthmarks.

B. cysts.

C. eczema.

D. hives.

2. The term meaning “movement toward the midline” is

A. adduction.

B. abduction.

C. eversion.

D. circumduction.

3. A skin graft from one person to another is called a/an

A. allograft.

B. dermograft.

C. autograft.

D. heterograft.

4. The term that means the same as generic name is

A. nonproprietary name.

B. trade name.

C. brand name.

D. chemical name.

5. Prescribing a drug to prevent a disease or condition from occurring is called

A. prophylaxis.

B. placebo.

C. unit dose.

D. chemotherapy.

6. What does pruritus indicate?

A. Bruising

B. Inflammation

C. Itchiness

D. Pain

7. Walter says, “I can’t take Tylenol because it makes my thumbs tingle.” This is a/an _______ because it

is an unusual reaction.

A. side effect

B. placebo

C. idiosyncracy

D. lie

8. The patient has poor _______ of the phalanges due to arthritis. Put simply, he cannot bend his fingers

very well.

A. supination

B. inversion

C. rotation

D. flexion

9. Which statement is true about generic drugs?

A. Generics do not need to be prescribed by a physician.

B. A generic drug may not be approved by the FDA, but the brand name is.

C. Pharmacists can dispense a generic version at their discretion.

D. The generic may be less expensive than the brand name version.

10. A 30-year old patient complains of pain in the fingers and wrists, and states that his job requires him to

perform the same action repeatedly for hours. These symptoms describe what condition?

A. Carpal tunnel syndrome

B. Muscular dystrophy

C. Phalangeal adhesion

D. Fibromyalgia

11. The abbreviation Sig means

A. label as follows.

B. prescription.

C. signature.

D. immediately.

12. A patient has dermatitis. What does the suffix in this term represent?

A. Discoloration

B. Inflammation

C. Hernia

D. Pain

13. Which of the following terms means “giving a second drug to boost the effect of another drug”?

A. Habituation

B. Interaction

C. Toxicity

D. Potentiation

14. Regarding the names of drugs, which of these is likely to be the longest and most difficult to


A. Generic

B. Proprietary name

C. Trademark

D. Chemical name

15. Which term means softening of the nails?

A. Onychomalacia

B. Onychomycosis

C. Onychophagy

D. Onychoclasis

16. You see the following written in the notes for a medication: top 4x or prn. How and when does the

patient take this medicine?

A. The medication is taken by mouth 4 times per day prior to an operation.

B. The medication is applied topically 4 times per day or as needed.

C. The medication is applied topically to all 4 limbs as needed.

D. The medication is applied topically to the 4 affected areas once a day.

17. Why are drugs given a chemical and a generic name?

A. The generic name can be used for only 17 years.

B. The generic name belongs only to the company who discovered the drug.

C. The chemical name changes over time, as the drug is improved.

D. The chemical name is often very long and hard to pronounce.

18. The sweat glands in the underarms and pubic area are called __________ glands.

A. sebaceous

B. apocrine

C. perspiration

D. sudoriferous

19. A burn causing redness and blisters is a __________-degree burn.

A. third

B. fourth

C. second

D. first

20. The condition that involves an abnormal lateral curve of the spine is

A. kyphosis.

B. scoliosis.

C. ankylosis.

D. lordosis


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