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Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization

Paper instructions:
summary of policy and implications including effectiveness and limitations-From a Corrections standpoint. Topic is legalizing marijuana at the federal level.


The research question is basically about degrees-employability/ The structure should start with Chapter 1 Introduction and then sub-points like background, statement of purpose (purpose of

the study, research justification. I will send sample of dissertation, which I want to be followed ( like a structure). Then if I am happy with my writer I will ask them to help and with my literature

review chapter as well, sending him relevant literature I want to be used in the study( references). Then I want introduction point of chapter 2 on my literature review, which have to include:
1.define the product (write a few things about this degree,  Support your argument with statistics.  Marketing- mix should be included in the product section.
2. write a brief history about the emergence of students’ interest about the tourism and hospitality field.
3. give a picture of the labor force regarding this field mainly in statistics,
The above will serve as an introduction to the literature review.


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Marijuana legalization

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Marijuana legalization continues to be a contentious debate in the country with the push for federal laws to legalize its sale and use gathering gradual momentum by the day. Several states have legalized marijuana in recent years, either for medicinal use, recreational use, or both. But possession, sale, or use of the drug still is considered a crime at the federal level and in most states. Regardless of one’s position on the explanations for marijuana prohibition, there are two sides to the debate. Proponents of legalization have put forward several reasons to validate their position on the subject while opponents have remained steadfast to the original underlying factors behind illegalization. The impact of the implementation of current laws has also been a matter of significant concern. This paper dives into the debate throwing weight behind the proponents of legalization through a critical analysis of the subject. With the positives seemingly outweighing the negatives of marijuana use, maybe it is time for a change in course with regards to Marijuana use. Marijuana should be legalized given the tremendous benefits that recent pieces of research and observations have attributed it with and the numerous setbacks in current laws.

Research has for the longest been the basis from which policies are drafted, strategies adopted and effective ways to better human life developed. Marijuana and its effects have been the subject of extensive research in recent years. These researches have yielded results in favor of marijuana use prompting legalization in some of the states in America, and certain countries around the globe. Some of these benefits are discussed.

Supporting Reason and Details

Marijuana is of numerous medical purposes. It has been found to be effective in chronic pain relief, treatment of certain types of cancer, glaucoma, inflammatory bowel disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Marijuana use in monitored doses for various medical purposes is now common in healthcare practice all over the world. Opponents of legalization often argue that the medical benefits of marijuana should limit it to monitored doses as prescribed by a physician and thus no need to further legalize the sale and use of Marijuana. They however fail to acknowledge the impact of current laws on drug adherence or the willingness of patients to embrace treatment regimens involving marijuana. One of the challenges of medical marijuana use has been poor drug adherence from patients who consider marijuana harmful by virtue that it is an illegal substance (Compton et al, 559). Legalization can help overcome this stumbling block consequently enabling patients to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana through increased adherence to the drugs.

Other than impacting health through its medical purposes, marijuana has been found to be a key contributor to mental health promotion. Mental health is currently a momentous subject in the country. Awareness campaigns have become commonplace and mental health facilities continue to be developed in a bid to tackle the rising prevalence rates. According to the CDC, 1 in 25 Americans lives with a mental health issue. Cannabinoids found in Marijuana have a relaxing effect and have been found to prevent mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and prevent the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease (Keyhani, et al, 286). Yet marijuana remains illegal, preventing individuals exposed to these diseases from getting cushion. In as much, as much as there are other mental health disorders associated with Marijuana, depression, PTSD, and anxiety, – some of the most common mental health issues can be prevented by Marijuana use. Going by these facts, the benefits as far as mental health is concerned may just be greater than the negative impacts.

The recreational effects of marijuana include a feeling of joy, increased sense of sight, hearing and taste, and relaxation. Marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes consumed legally in the country for recreational purposes. It is only fair that it is legalized as an adult drug to enable individuals to enjoy its recreational sense as is the case with alcohol and cigarettes. Legalization which ultimately will lead to taxation on marijuana will increase government income, create employment opportunities as well as free police resources used in the enforcement of the laws prohibiting the sale and use of Marijuana.

Law enforcement regarding Marijuana has several disadvantages that further necessitate the legalization of marijuana. First, as stated, a lot of police resources are used to enforce the law, resources that can be focused on non-debatable crimes such as traffic laws enforcement and sexual violence. Secondly, enforcement is unnecessarily cruel and racist. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the rate of marijuana use between whites and blacks is almost the same. However, Black individuals are almost four times more likely to be apprehended for a drug-related crime (Hart & Hart, 6). Racism, a long-standing vice that the country keeps fighting can be reduced significantly by legalizing marijuana. Additionally, marijuana prohibition impedes the criminal justice process. Current laws have created a black-market economy where crimes which are not related to marijuana, but linked to persons who sell and use it, go unreported. The resulting situation is that real crimes prove difficult to solve and more victims never get the justice they deserve because of the circumstances under which crimes against them were committed.

Consumers today have no idea whether the marijuana they use is mixed with other toxic substances or chemicals to enhance their impact. Legalization will ensure that the marijuana being sold passes the necessary consumer safety checks and warnings to kids. For example, in Washington where marijuana is legal, health warnings and quality assurance on marijuana are a prerequisite by law. THC concentrations are also labeled. For legalization such factors must be considered in order to protect the consumers. Legalization will therefore enhance consumer safety and warn consumers of the negative effects of what they are consuming.

Counterargument and Rebuttal

While tabling arguments for legalization, this article took into consideration some of the main counterarguments put forward by the opponents of legalization. Marijuana obviously has its negative effects that one cannot pretend not to be concerned about while taking a stand in the legalization debate. The paper’s position however is that the benefits of legalization outweigh the negative effects. Some of the main factors supporting the status quo are discussed below.

Marijuana is associated with psychotic disorders. Opponents of legalization argue that legalization will increase cases of such mental health issues. The benefits of marijuana to mental health are however tremendous and outweigh the risk it poses to individuals with regards to mental health illnesses. As discussed in support of legalization, some of the most common mental health illnesses can be prevented by marijuana. Legalization may increase some mental disorders, which are not very common for instance schizophrenia but will prevent common mental health problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD. The diseases associated with marijuana also not as harmful as dangerous as some of the diseases associated with alcohol and cigarettes.

Opponents argue that legalization will increase teen use of marijuana with harmful results given the fact that marijuana is highly dangerous for younger people. Indeed, the percentage of 12- to 17-year-old marijuana users is higher in states where marijuana is legal than the national average (Anderson et al, 880). Legalization with the correct measures in place to prevent use among children is however possible. Restrictions on the sale and more awareness and warning to teens just lie alcohol can be adopted. This will allow adults to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without endangering children.

Opponents argue that traffic accidents and death will increase with the legalization of marijuana. This concern must be appreciated given the number of traffic accidents and deaths that result from drink driving. Studies however show that individuals under the influence of marijuana tend to be more cautious and take fewer risks than drunk drivers. Marijuana use for anxiety management is also associated with composed driving. So contrary to the popular view that marijuana legalization will increase the number of traffic accidents, it may as well reduce them. There is a popular stereotype that marijuana smokers engage in criminal activities thus legalization will lead to increased crime rates. This however remains a stereotype, there have been no studies linking marijuana use with crimes. As discussed earlier, legalization will free up police resources and enable the police to focus on solving and reducing crimes. More focus and resources for the police as a result of legalization can therefore only reduce criminal activities.


The proponents for the legalization of marijuana continue to rise by the day as a result of the realization of the benefits of marijuana. Medical research findings have been a major force behind these rising numbers. The medical and health benefits are tremendous thus this paper’s support for legalization. Furthermore, law enforcement with regards to marijuana has been unequal, inconsistent, and full of negative impacts such as racism, that can be avoided by legalization. Legalization will also have a huge positive impact on the economy through additional government revenue and employment opportunities. As presented, legalization has its negative impacts, however, there are practical measures to overcome these disadvantages. Legalization will have more benefits than negative effects.

Works Cited

Anderson, D. M., Hansen, B., Rees, D. I., & Sabia, J. J. (2019). Association of marijuana laws with teen marijuana use: new estimates from the youth risk behavior surveys. JAMA pediatrics, 173(9), 879-881.

Compton, Wilson M., Nora D. Volkow, and Marsha F. Lopez. “Medical marijuana laws and cannabis use: intersections of health and policy.” JAMA psychiatry 74.6 (2017): 559-560.

Hart, C. L., & Hart, M. Z. (2019). Opioid crisis: Another mechanism used to perpetuate American racism. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 25(1), 6.

Keyhani, Salomeh, et al. “Risks and benefits of marijuana use: a national survey of US adults.” Annals of internal medicine 169.5 (2018): 282-290.


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Zahraa S
Zahraa S
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Stuart L
Thanks for keeping me sane for getting everything out of the way, I’ve been stuck working more than full time and balancing the rest but I’m glad you’ve been ensuring my school work is taken care of. I'll recommend Elite Academic Research to anyone who seeks quality academic help, thank you so much!



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