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Los Angeles Valley College Social Psychology Discussion

I need support with this Psychology question so I can learn better.

Chapter 12 Prompt

You engage a friend in a conversation about how we come to be who we are. In other words you start discussing the nature of personality. Being a newly enlightened student as to the ways of psychological science, you decide to enlighten your friend about the various ways in which people’s personalities develop. Many theorists have different ideas about how personality develops. Explain to your friend what each of the following people would say happens to us as we grow to make up what people call our “personality”.

-Sigmund Freud

-Carl Rogers

-Gordon Allport

-Henry Murray

Chapter 13 Social Psychology

Social Psychology can explain a lot about human behavior by looking at the social circumstances and events that push and pull people to act in certain ways. Pick a news story from today or perhaps something that you have learned about in the past few months and explain, from a Social Psychology perspective, why it is happening. Use at least 3 concepts you learned about to help us understand why these things are happening. What social factors are at play?

Some concept ideas:

fundamental attribution error





social loafing

implicit/explicit attitude

Here are a few topic ideas you can choose from but please feel free to find your own as well:

Why does Kim Jong Un continue to defy the United Nations and develop his nuclear capabilities?

Why does the United States separate families at the southern border in an effort to curb illegal immigration?

What explains why there is so much conflict in the Middle East, especially between Israel and the surrounding countries of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Egypt for example?

Why has there been an increase in school shootings in the United States?



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