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As a new administrator of a school, you have identified specific reading and writing weaknesses of the students in your building. Write an action plan for selection and implementation of a new literacy program for reading and writing that will assist your teachers in meeting identified student needs.

As a new administrator of a school, you have identified specific reading and writing weaknesses of the students in your building. Write an action plan for selection and implementation of a new literacy program for reading and writing that will assist your teachers in meeting identified student needs.

2) Explore a reading and a writing program that, after examination of your school’s data, might be appropriate for meeting the needs of students in your school. These programs CANNOT be what you are currently using or the program that you explored in Week 7). 3) Read Chapter 5 from the book by Irwin, Meltzer and Dukes entitled Taking Action on Adolescent Literacy if you can secure access to it as this information might serve as a catalyst for ideas as you create of your action plan.

NOTE: As of as of January 2019 this chapter was available on the ASCD publications website. It can be accessed at (Links to an external site.) then click Chapter 5, which is entitled “Develop and Implement a Schoolwide Literacy Action Plan.

This chapter could assist you as you compose your action plan. 4) Include the following in your paper: -Your personal philosophy for building reading and writing skill among students and educators. -Your summation of current status of reading and writing instruction in your building, including the following: teacher capacity available resources and funds available for purchase of programs and teacher training student performance levels current teaching practices observed that address literacy (reading and writing) –

Your plan for developing literacy instruction within your building, which should include your plan for: developing literacy instruction across content areas (address reading and writing) targeting struggling readers/writers, as well as challenging students in upper quartiles implementing school policies, structure and culture changes, including process for gaining district and teacher support building teacher capacity (timeline covering 3 years) supporting improvement in instruction measuring success of the programs implemented (success criteria) communicating with all stakeholders 5) Requirements: 1000-word essay that is APA format compliant. Include two sources that support the process for reading and two sources to support the process for writing that you chose to build your plan around.



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