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Housing conditions can significantly affect public health


QUESTION 1)According to the CDC, “Housing conditions can significantly affect public health. Childhood lead poisoning, injuries, respiratory diseases such as asthma, and quality of life issues have been linked to the more than 6 million substandard housing units nationwide.”, ( 

In response to these types of hazards, the Healthy People objectives include multiple objectives related to “healthy homes”.  There is also a manual, “The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes”, ( Some local health departments offer services related to these hazards. 

How does your local health department aIDress some of these hazards?  For example, does your health department offer lead screening?




QUESTION 2:One of the public and community health nursing roles we have the opportunity to explore this week is the role of the nursing leader.  


According to Rasmussen College, “Just because you have an impeccable bedside manner does not mean that you will be able to lead others to do the same. Managers have to be able to lead, inspire and motivate others to give the best care possible.”, (  

How does your facility prepare nurses to become nursing leaders? 



QUESTION 3As we relate the concept of health literacy and patient education on a broader scale, to the public and community health nursing roles, what types of readability index will you be using for your Week Six teaching brochure projects? What are some approaches that will better reach your target audience?  



QUESTION 4)April 28th has been designated as International Workers Memorial Day, and was originally developed to acknowledge the workers who have died or have “suffered from exposures to hazards at work”, (  According to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, “In 2012, a total of 4,383 U.S. workers died from work-related injuries…and there were nearly 3 million injuries and illnesses to private industry workers…”, (MMWR April 25, 2014 / 63(16); 341-341).

Worker’s Memorial Day can be a good opportunity for an OHN to promote work place safety.  The website,, provides tools to organize an event, and lists individual states that are recognizing the day with conferences, safety promotion activities, etc. 

 What are some examples of how this day could be promoted by an OHN?



QUESTION 5)One of the public health issues in the schools is medication administration.

Some of you noted in the Week Three paper, that an Asthma Action Plan would have been helpful for the school nurse, which may include the use of medications.  

According to the position statement of the National Association of School nurses, “It is the position of the National Association of School Nurses to support students with asthma who actively participate in the self-management of their condition and in self-administration of prescribed inhaled quick relief bronchodilator asthma medications (rescue inhalers).”, (

How do your local schools aIDress the issue of school children carrying their own inhalers or an epi-pen in school?  What is the school nursing role related to the policy?




QUESTION 6)One of the issues in correctional facilities is opioid dependence and withdrawal.   

According to Incarceration and Opioid Withdrawal: The experiences of methadone patients and out-of-treatment heroin users, “Both heroin-aIDicted individuals and methadone maintenance patients are likely to face untreated opioid withdrawal while ncarcerated.”(

How does methadone treatment in US prisons compare to other developed countries?  What are some examples of the nursing roles associated with methadone use in prisons?  



QUESTION 7)As we look to the future at evolving nursing roles, the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM), 2010 report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health is a must read for all nurses, and can be accessed at 
Some of the key recommendations included in the report are: 
“Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training.Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression.Nurses should be full partners, with physicians and other health care professionals, in redesigning health care in the US.Effective workforce planning and policy making require better data collection and information infrastructure.”As nurses, we comprise the majority of the health care workforce. What are some of the ways that nurses can promote or implement these recommendations?



QUESTION 8)In July 2014, the US DHHS and the Department of Justice (DOJ) released the Elder Justice Roadmap, to aIDress the complex issues associated with elder abuse, neglect and exploitation, (

What are some of the nursing roles and responsibilities related to the reporting of abuse and neglect? 



QUESTION 9)For example, can nurses who smoke, be good smoking cessation counselors?  What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of role modeling as a patient teaching strategy?



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