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From Table 14.1 on the pace of life (page 348), you would expect Indonesia to be

.         From Table 14.1 on the pace of life (page 348), you would expect Indonesia to be

A. polychronic.      C. underdeveloped.

B. monochronic.   D. democratic.

2.         Who normally develops the OD plans for a company?

A. Members of work teams

B. Management panels

C. Collaborations of employees and managers

D. Outside consultants

3.         You might expect a monochronic person to be

A. punctual.           C. trustworthy.

B. indifferent about time.        D. Untrustworthy

4.         The company you work for is in the process of developing a contract with a foreign country. You’ve been elected to be the representative for your company. When the representatives from the foreign company arrive, however, they very coldly ask to deal with the top executive in your company. What geographic area are you most likely dealing with?

A. Russia              C. Middle East

B. South Korea     D. Latin America

5.         Cheryl and Pat started their company more than 15 years ago. Now that their company

is growing quickly, they find themselves unprepared to run their firm. This situation is

known as a crisis of

A. autonomy.        C. leadership.

B. control.    D. red tape.

6.         Dominant culture in an organization is related to core values in the same way that

strong culture is related to

A. distinctive commitments.   C. subcultural norms.

B. widely shared opinions.               D. intensity of commitment.

7.         Which phase of the OD process should Connie initiate first?

A. Changing          C. Refreezing

B. Unfreezing       D. Sensitivity

8.         After the acquisition, the management team and management personnel of both banks

are in conflict with each other. Which one of the following techniques would be best for

resolving this intergroup conflict?

A. Survey feedback      C. Team building

B. Sensitivity training    D. Confrontation meetings

9.         In the Japanese style of management, decisions tend to be made by

A. individual managers.          C. consensus.

B. senior employees.     D. majorities.

10.       According to Greiner’s view of stages in organizational growth, growth through direction

is related to a crisis of autonomy in the same way that growth through coordination is

related to a crisis of

A. control.    C. red tape.

B. leadership.        D. collaboration.

11.       Which OD technique appears to be the least effective?

A. T-groups C. Survey feedback

B. Confrontation meetings      D. Teambuilding

12.       The employees in your department are unhappy about a change you as manager want to institute. To combat this resistance, you offer employees something they want in exchange for accepting the change. What tactic are you using to overcome the employees’ resistance to change?

A. Coercion C. Negotiation

B. Manipulation of opinion      D. Participation

13.       Which one of the following events would most likely occur during the refreezing phase of

the OD process?

A. A department manager notices that the current assembly process can be dangerous to packing clerks who work in the area.

B. The employees in Department A are unable to adjust to the new computerized machines.

C. The manager of the shipping department develops a new procedure for getting rush

orders out.

D. According to a new rule, monthly production meetings are now a way of life at

Creighton, Inc.

14.       Judy Farmer’s criticism of management got back to the firm’s CEO. Now, the myth that’s

being spread around the company is about what happened to her efficiency report and

prospects for promotion. Students of corporate culture will assume that the function of

the story, if it was purposely contrived, was to

A. intimidate those who would be disloyal to management.

B. encourage responsible criticism, since the story is clearly a fabrication.

C. convey the message that employees should work together as a family.

D. alarm new employees for the amusement of veteran coworkers.

15.       A change agent suggests that a company announce an organizational shakeup that

will increase most employees’ workloads on the same day the company announces

record-setting bonuses. Which strategy for breaking down resistance to change is

used here?

A. Manipulation of opinion      C. Education

B. Coercion D. Negotiation

16.       Which one of the concepts below best describes the dilemma and conflict surrounding the out-of-step nature of Big Al’s legacy?

A. Problem of internal integration    C. Theory Z

B. Cross-cultural differences D. Power-distance

17.       The fact that most younger employees of First Company found Big Al’s legacy out of step with their values is indicative of which one of the following concepts?

A. Cultural assimilation C. External adaptation

B. Societal norms          D. Survival

18.       That most employees had not met Big Al suggests that his legacy was perpetuated by

A. subcultures.      C. cross-cultural training.

B. simulation.        D. rituals and stories.

19.       The various divisions of Arnet Company aren’t working together. They’re going off in

different directions and making decisions that create problems for other divisions. This

crisis can best be resolved by increasing

A. supervision.      C. coordination.

B. creativity.          D. specialization.

20.       Which one of the following managers would you expect to find in a successful organization?

A. A person who carefully considers alternatives

B. A person who acts quickly to solve a problem

C. A person who regularly seeks ideas for new product lines for his/her company

D. A person who establishes performance goals with upper management’s help


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