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ENGLISH week 3 quiz / A+

  1. What was the first decade in which most major motion pictures were full-fledged talking pictures? (Points : 1) The 1910s The 1920s The 1930s – correct answer The 1940s
  2. In what decade did digital sound come into use in movies? (Points : 1) The 1990s The 1980s – correct answer The 1970s The 1950s
  3. Which of the following tends to be true of silent film acting as opposed to sound film acting? (Points : 1) It features overstated gestures and heightened mannerisms – correct answer It relies on more subtle movements and expressions It more accurately reflects how people behave in the real world It is generally less expressive
  4. What did filmmakers consider to be the advantage of silent films? (Points : 1) They allowed for more realism They left more to the audience’s imagination – correct answer They had fewer distractions for audiences They were less expensive to make
  5. What is the correct technical name for the music that plays in the background of a scene while the action takes place? (Points : 1) The score – correct answer The soundtrack The orchestration The sound design
  6. Which of the following is the worldwide standard still in use for sound recording in film today? (Points : 1) Acoustic sound Optical sound – correct answer Electro-mechanical sound Magnetic sound
  7. Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein promoted which idea about editing? (Points : 1) Continuity editing The 180-degree rule The Kuleshov effect Montage theory – correct answer
  8. What is the name of the process used to create everyday sound effects in films? (Points : 1) Dolby Sony Foley – correct answer Mickey
  9. Which of the following tasks is part of the process of film editing but not part of the process of book editing? (Points : 1) Ensuring that the story makes sense Making sure one section logically follows another Helping to construct the work itself – correct answer Determining that the work holds together as a whole
  10. Moving back and forth between shots of a woman tied to a railroad tracks and shots of a speeding train elsewhere on the track is an example of what editing technique? (Points : 1) Parallel editing – correct answer Continuity editing Shot/reverse-shot Montage



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