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Does the feminist movement promote a victims mentality

Does the feminist movement promote a victims mentality

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Type of paper:

Argumentative essay


Does the feminist movement promote a victims mentality?


7 pages / 1925 words


English and Literature

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Editing or rewriting

Format or citation style:

Harvard Referencing System

Paper instructions:
It is an academic essay so no uses of sites that are not academic. My teachers like to use academic databases like proquest. Everything I have quoted so far is

from proquest databases.

If you’re going to edit the introduction, make minimal changes.

If you write my bibliography and referencing list – make sure you use the Harvard referencing style that’s the one my school uses.

Can be between 1800-2000 words but I’m sure you can have it around the 1600 mark as well.

The guide for argumentative essay we were given goes like this:


Introduce topic
Narrow the focus


Paragraph 1-3- basically talk about and provide evidence about my point of view (as stated in thesis). This part must be a strong argument

Paragraph 4-6-7 – contrary opinions- you can see my ideas for that however you’re welcome to change that



My essay so far

The F word: Does feminism promote a victim’s mentality?

The feminist movement is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes, committing itself to social and economic egalitarianism.

However, the way feminism is now presented in pop culture and mainstream media does not match the original ideologies of the movement. The ideologies of feminists

presented in westernised cultures promote a victim’s mentality amongst young women and have been a heavy influence over the societal backlash towards the feminist

movement. This has left the leaders of the feminist movement wondering whether feminism will ever see a fair reception from the general public.

Since the feminist movement first began it has been a worldwide subject of criticism. People have questioned the movement’s ideologies and its methodologies have

been heavy critiqued. In more recent years, feminists have been a target of much criticism by not just audiences, but by feminists, for allegedly inciting the rise of

victimism. In the early 1970’s, second wave feminists struggled with uses of victimism within feminist theory and practice. Feminists debated a host of issues to do

with eradicating women’s oppression, including the association with victimhood and powerlessness. They felt they needed to find a balance between feminist’s past

achievements and the future liberation to tackle issues surrounding female subordination, but to not undermine feminist’s advancements within the previous movement.

According to post feminists, known as individualist or libertarian feminists, women have abused their sustained social power, in part to the stereotypes bound to

women as being calmer, gentler, more believable, less violent and more victimized to render men impotent to public opinions on issues such as sexual harassment, child

custody and education. (Lamb, Sharon. 1999). ** find another person who agrees with this.** ** Elaborate own point of view ** Post feminists proclaim that feminists

should focus on reclaiming the status that femininity is empowering and a positive message to young women – rather than focusing on obtaining a “victim’s status” that

is damaging to women’s psyche.

Post feminists, known as individualist or libertarian feminists, agree with this claim citing that promoting victim discourse undermines the previous advancements

of the first and second movements. (Adams, Mary Louise. 1989) – expand or change so this point is in another paragraph

** this is a new point & paragraph ** reiterate central issues of 3rd wave feminism and how methodically encourages the issues are not exclusively women’s issues.

18. Postfeminists don’t argue that rape and domestic violence never happen, but they do argue that rape is not nearly so widespread as second-wave feminists would

have us believe, and domestic violence is a problem of “mutual violence” rather than primarily men’s violence against women

– what’s political about the new feminism’s?

**On the counter argument, feminists have claimed that they need to be viewed as victims to get across that they are an oppressed group * to gain political and

psychological advantages
** “As Faludi has accurately stated, “If feminism stands for anything, it is the belief that women can and must stand up and speak out. Feminism identifies

victimisation not so we can wallow in it, but so we can wallow it.”


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