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Do not think of these as questions you must answer. Once you have selected a topic based on a prompt, discard the prompt and write an independent paper.

Please write an analytical essay based on ONE of the following prompts. Length: 4-5 pages double-spaced. 

Remember that the following are only “prompts” meant to get you started on thinking about your essay. Do not think of these as questions you must answer. Once you have selected a topic based on a prompt, discard the prompt and write an independent paper.


1) Write an essay analyzing some ways in which Disney fairy tales films reproduce —or break down–patriarchal stereotypes about the feminine life-cycle: the cycle of youth, middle-age, and old age/grandma stage. Keep in mind the point made by Elizabeth Bell that images of servants and animals in Disney films also reflect stereotypes of the female life-cycle (so you can discuss selected servant figures or select animal imagery as one of your examples).

2) Write an essay comparing and contrasting selected images of manhood in Disney Animation Features with reference to Aaron Devor’s theory of the “patriarchal gender schema.” Consider if each image is reinforcing and/or breaking down patriarchal notions of manhood.

3) Write an essay analyzing in what ways codes of race, ethnicity (i.e., national origin), and class combine with codes of gender (maleness or femaleness) to create inequalities between persons and groups on the Disney screen. 

4) Write an essay comparing and contrasting body images and behavior patterns of selected Disney Animation characters in order to analyze which body types and behaviors win out or lose out in the story. Analyze not only how but also why these respective character types win out or lose out. 


Your goal is to come up with a point of view of your own and argue for the validity of the viewpoint. So to do, you must two things. (a) You must explain and support your own viewpoint through drawing on selected quotations from the scholarly articles by Aaron Devor and Elizabeth Bell. Published articles lend authority and credibility to your own claims and, hence, are important grounds upon which to build your own argument in academic essays. (b) You must support your viewpoint with evidence—i.e., specific examples from the film scenes we have viewed and discussed in class. 



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