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Depolarization of postsynaptic neuron

Question: Assume that each excitatory presynaptic neuron causes a 0.5mv depolarization of the postsynaptic neuron, and each inhibitory presynaptic neuron causes a 0.5mv hyperpolarization of the postsynaptic neuron. What would be the effect on the postsynaptic neuron if 87 excitatory neurons and 57 inhibitory pre-synaptic neurons fired simultaneously?SHOW ALL WORK
Question: What would be the total mv produced by the 87 excitatory neurons (also indicate sign)? ______
Question: What would be the total mv produced by the 57 inhibitory neurons (also indicate sign)? ______
Question: What would be the net change in voltage and indicate whether it is (+) or (-) ? ______________
Question: Assuming that the threshold for generating an action potential is -55 mv and the resting potential is -70mv, is the net change in voltage enough to reach threshold? ______________



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