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Amazon Cloud computing service

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 4
2. Cloud Computing 4
3. Amazon Web Service Cloud Platform 6
3.1. Compute 6
3.1.1. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) 6
3.1.2. Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) 7
3.2. Networking 7
3.2.1. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud 7
3.2.2. Amazon Route 53 7
3.2.3. AWS Direct Connect 7
3.3. Storage 8
3.3.1. Amazon Glacier 8
3.3.2. Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) 8
4. Application Services 8
4.1. Amazon Simple Queue Service 8
4.2. Amazon Simple Notification Service 9
4.3. Amazon Simple Workflow Service 9
4.4. Amazon Simple Email Service 9
5. Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Offerings 9
6. Conclusion 10
7. Work Cited 11

Amazon Cloud computing service
1. Introduction
The organization of special and massive changes in technology and business in the past period has seen a progressive IT mode compete for great technological executives. Surely, in the past decade, the commonly known business application structure has changed from a desktop-based installation, late to client/server solutions and currently a loosely integrated web service and service-based architecture (SOA). Every changing process has been created on the initial one while including trials, proportions and chances for the IT department and their business associates.
Not long ago, virtualization has grown to be accepted as a way to limit the costs of management and elevate the dependability of the IT Company. Moreover, grid computing creates a generally new class of analytics, data analysis and business expertise duties probable that initially were restrictive in time and cost (Jamsa 17). In line with this, the pace of technology transformations, the pace of innovation and unintended acceleration in the creation of new products has altered the manner markets operate. In addition to the acceptance of SaaS offerings, there transformations have given path to upcoming IT models like cloud computing.
2. Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a method of computing where scalable and flexible IT-based abilities are issued as a service to other users with the help of internet technologies. This method makes it possible for companies to acquire dynamic, safe and cost reliable model.
Amazon has a past of application of decentralized IT model. This organization makes it possible for our advancement groups to acquire, calculate and keep resources when needed and it has elevated the general production level and quickness. In 2005, Amazon has used millions in over a decade in the creation and organization of large scale, dependable and competent IT model that powered the globe’s biggest online retail platforms (AWS; Jamsa 17). Amazon started the Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that companies would be in a position to get advantage out of Amazon abilities and investment in the management of a huge IT model. AWS has been working from 2006 and currently aids several clients globally. Currently operates on a global web platform the serves several clients and acquires millions annually.
With the help of AWS, one is able to requisition compute power, loading and other services very fast, they are also flexible in the selection of advancement platform or programming framework that is sensible for the issues that are being solved (Mahmood, 43). A person is charged once for what they use, with limited costs or extended commitments, resulting to AWS being an affordable method in the allocation of applications.
The AWS is used:
• By big companies to fast and economically allocate new internal applications, like HR solutions, payrolls and online coaching the employees.
• Others have an e-commerce website that allows increase in demand for fast selling products brought about by viral buzz from social networks with no need for upgrading its model.
• Pharmaceutical companies apply huge simulations with the help of computing power offered by AWS.
• Media houses serve unlimited video, music among others to the globe client base.
3. Amazon Web Service Cloud Platform
The AWS is an extensive cloud services platform which provides compute power, storage, content allocation among other tasks which companies are able to use to allocate applications and services in the most affordable way; dynamic, scalable and reliable. AWS self-service is of the meaning that one is able to proactively look into one’s inner strategies and respond to outside needs when one desires (Mahmood, 43). In terms of service performance, windows azure offers its clients better services than Amazon in Computing, networking, and storage.
3.1. Compute
3.1.1. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
This is web service that offers flexible compute size. It is modeled to enable web-scale computing simpler for developers and system controllers.
The Amazon EC2’s service makes it possible for one to acquire and change size with limited resistance. It offers one with complete control of the computing resources and allows one to operate Amazon’s computing setting. Amazon EC2 limits the period needed to acquire and boot a server sets to short periods making it possible for one to scale the size with the changing computing needs. Amazon EC2 alters the economics of computing by letting one to pay for the size used.
3.1.2. Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR)
This service makes it possible for businesses, analysts and developers to process information that is in huge size. It applies a hosted Hadoop model operating on a web-scale model of Amazon EC2 and Amazon Simple Storage Service
3.2. Networking
3.2.1. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
This service allows a private, isolated section of the AWS cloud for starting AWS resources in virtual network described. Amazon VPC allows definition of a virtual network model that is same as a local network for one to manage their data center. One has complete control on the network, as well as the IP address, subnet creation and configuration of the route tables and gateways.
3.2.2. Amazon Route 53
This is quite accessible and scalable NDS web service. It is modeled to offer developers and firms a reliable and affordable method to route clients to internet applications by altering the human names. This service interfaces user needs to model operation in AWS like EC2 like an elastic balancer. It additionally is applied to route users to models of AWS.
3.2.3. AWS Direct Connect
This service makes it possible to set up a dedicated network interface from a business to AWS. With the help of the AWS Direct Connect one is able to set up a private connectivity in the AWS and the data center or location setting that in most cases can limit the network experience as opposed to the internet-based connections (Stair, 289).
3.3. Storage
Amazon Simple Storage Service is storage for the internet. It is modeled to make web-scale computing simpler for developers. This service offers connection that is applied to keep and acquire any amount of information no matter the time and place. The container used id called bucket. The service issues the developer access to scalable, dependable and safe model which Amazon applies to operate its network sites. It is meant to acquire advantage and to pass to developers. On the other hand iCloud offers its clients free storage of their data.
3.3.1. Amazon Glacier
It is a cheap storage service that offers a safe and durable storage for information archiving and backup. To sustain the cheap costs, the service maximizes for information that is constantly accessed and at the right time (Lim Ian, et al, 42). The service allows the storage of huge data for less than $0.01 or every Gb in month.
3.3.2. Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
This service offers block based storage size of application with Amazon EC2. EBS offers an accessible and reliable storage size that can be connected to EC2.
4. Application Services
4.1. Amazon Simple Queue Service
This service issues reliable, scalable and is hosted for storing data when they move in several computers. With the help of Amazon SQS, developers are able to move information in aspects of applications that undertake varied duties with no loss. The service allows creation of an automated workflow that is connected to Amazon EC2 and other AWS model services.
4.2. Amazon Simple Notification Service
This service allows the setting, organization and transfer of notifications from the cloud. It offers developers and network controllers with scalable and dynamic as well as affordable ability to distribute data from an application and issue them to the subscribers or applications (Stair, 289). It is modeled to make web-scale computing simpler.
4.3. Amazon Simple Workflow Service
This web application service is for creating applications that are scalable and strong applications. It reliably coordinates with the processing procedures in an application.
4.4. Amazon Simple Email Service
It is a scalable and affordable service that manages email services for companies and developers. It does away with the difficulty and loss of creating an internal email solution and keeping third-party email service. The service combines other AWS services allowing it to send emails from Amazon EC2. With this service there is no commitment or negotiation needed.
5. Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Offerings
The Amazon EC2 has a model Internet as a Service (IaaS) platform which makes it possible for clients to manage hosting of machine images on servers.
As opposed to other cloud computing actors like Microsoft that places precise OS and middleware on the cloud so as to form the Platform as a Service (PaaS). Amazon provides a fundamental IT services with the help of API’s with no need that the API’s connect to a specific OS (Stair, et al, 289). This method is flexible to a large extent and makes it possible for Amazon to integrate characteristics for instance content caching that are not in PaaS. Windows is common for its use of PaaS with regard to market share in Microsoft tools and services.
Generally, Amazon’s method allows users to integrate with their personal applications with the attributes of AWS, a good example is storage. The similarity with iCloud is that it allows integration to a single application like Android while iCloud connects with iOS 5 users. However, the charges for Amazon services are quite higher than iCloud and windows azure that has a cheaper price and better security.
6. Conclusion
Cloud computing is a technology that has been developed so as to make companies to have a common source that they would share their resources in the most affordable way. Varied companies have the paper has shown, have their own cloud computing technology, in precise the paper has looked into Amazon with some comparisons to iCloud and Windows Azure. The technology varies, as has been shown in the paper.

7. Work Cited
AWS, 2012.Acquired from:
Jamsa Kris. Cloud Computing. Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2012. 17
Lim Ian, et al. Securing Cloud and Mobility: A Practitioner’s Guide. New York: CRC Press, 2013. 42.
Mahmood, Zaigham. Cloud computing for enterprise architecture. New York: Springer, 2011. 43
Stair, Ralph, et al. Principles of Information Systems. Connecticut: Cengage Learning, 2011. 289.


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