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According to Jaber (1999) in its first months of formation Hezbollah . A.was alienated from the group whose support it needed most South Lebanon. B.was a resistance movement and nothing else

According to Jaber (1999), in its first months of formation, Hezbollah ______________. A.was alienated from the group whose support it needed most, South Lebanon. B.was a resistance movement and nothing else C.formed after a jihad, or call to war, was issued by the head of the Higher Shiite Council D.saw the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as liberators Timur Goksel (in Hezbollah, Jaber, 1999) attributes Hezbollah’s emergence as “a stronger force” in 1991 to __________. A.dramatically increasing its size, an action known to increase the power of resistance groups B.adopting military tactics such as intelligence and reconnaissance C.launching its first ever “human bomb” suicide terrorism attacks D.ceasing “gorilla warfare”, an effort for which they didn’t have sufficient resources Jaber (1999) attributes the resurgance of Hezbollah to all except___________. A.the murder of leaders, making them martyrs B.mistakes made by an occupying country C.changes in command structure D.growing Islamic influence in the Middle East According to Reich (1998), terrorist thinking typically ___________. A.lacks nuance B.has many shades of grey C.lacks psychopathology D.both “a” and “c” Reich’s (1998) survey examining the life courses and personal characteristics of terrorists has shown that __________. A.they are no more likely to come from broken homes than are non-terrorists B.they tend to engage in the practice of “externalization” C.proportionally, they aren’t as narcissistic as the general population D.all of the above In Reich’s (1998) opinion, the highest priority of a terrorist is __________. A.gaining public attention B.avoiding the appearance of conformance C.achieving its cause D.survival Self-sanctions can be disengaged via _________ (Reich, 1998). A.diffusion of responsibility B.obscuring personal agency C.distortion of consequences D.all of the above In Rebel Hearts, Kevin Toolis’ (1997) story of attempting to date Joan, an “I-R-A-M-A-A-N’s sister” exemplifies _________. the barriers between rival factions can somtimes be broken down in surprising ways B.a Romeo and Juliet type situation where family wishes trump love C.the power of an oppressor can overwhelm the stamina of resistance D.terrorist affiliation as tribalism 9. Toolis (1997) describes the IRA’s practice of attacking those believed to be collaborating with the opposing side as A.divert its troops away from their military duties B.recruit new members C.gain media attention D.terrorize everyday citizens 10. Question 10 of 10 1.0 PointsToolis (1997) references the phrase “standing up to” as indicative of ___________. A.the power of even the possibility of resistance in the face of an overwhelming enemy B.something passed down through generations of resistance fighters C.the IRA’s self-view as “defenders” D.all of the above


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