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A 27 year old female patient with epilepsy is well controlled with phenytoin (Dilantin). She requests information about contraception. The nurse practitioner should instruct her that while taking phenytoin:

Question 49

Diagnostic radiological studies are indicated for low back   pain:

· Question 50

Who is at a higher risk for developing nephrolithiasis?


· Question 51

An 81-year-old female is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.   When considering drug therapy for this patient, the nurse practitioner is   most concerned with which of the following side effects?


Weight     gain


Fracture     risk




Weight     loss

· Question 52

A 28-year-old female presents to the office requesting   testing for diagnosis of hereditary thrombophilia. Her father recently had a   deep vein thrombosis and she is concerned about her risk factors. The nurse   practitioner explains that:

· Question 53

The diagnosis of human papilloma virus (HPV) infection in   males is usually made by:

· Question 54

Which history is commonly found in a patient with   glomerulonephritis?

· Question 55

A   patient complains of generalized joint pain and stiffness associated with   activity and relieved with rest. This patient history is consistent with   which of the following disorders?

· Question 56

The most common presentation of thyroid cancer is:

· Question 57

The obligatory criteria for diagnosis of muscular   dystrophy (MD) are:

· Question 58

The diagnosis which must be considered in a patient who   presents with a severe headache of sudden onset, with neck stiffness and   fever, is:

· Question 59

A 60 year old male patient with multiple health   problems presents with a complaint of erectile dysfunction (ED). Of the   following, which medication is most likely to be causing the problem?

· Question 60

A 72 year old patient exhibits sudden onset of fluctuating   restlessness, agitation, confusion, and impaired attention. This is   accompanied by visual hallucinations and sleep disturbance. What is the most   likely cause of this behavior?

A. Dementia

  C. Parkinson’s disease

  D. Depression

· Question 61

Which of the following set of symptoms should raise   suspicion of a brain tumor?  

· Question 62

The cornerstone of treatment for   stress fracture of the femur or metatarsal stress fracture is: 

· Question 63

Sally, a computer programmer, has just been given a new diagnosis   of carpal tunnel syndrome. Your next step is to:

· Question 64

Marsha presents with symptoms resembling both fibromyalgia   and chronic fatigue syndrome, which have many similarities. Which of the   following is more characteristic of fibromyalgia?

A.   Musculosckeletal pain
  B. Difficulty sleeping
  C. Depression
  D. Fatigue

· Question 65

The cardinal sign of infectious arthritis is:

· Question 66

Diagnostic evaluation for urinary calculi includes:

· Question 67

Martin, a 58 year old male with diabetes, is at your   office for his diabetes follow up. On examining his feet with monofilament,   you discover that he has developed decreased sensation in both feet. There are   no open areas or signs of infection on his feet. What health teaching should   Martin receive today regarding the care if his feet?

See a   podiatrist yearly; wash your feet daily with
  warm, soapy water and towel dry between the
  toes; inspect your feet daily for any lesions; and
  apply lotion to any dry areas.

· Question 68

Potential causes of septic   arthritis include which of the following?

· Question 69

Which of the following is the best response to a woman who   has just admitted she is a victim of spousal abuse?

· Question 70

A 15 year-old female patient is 5 feet tall and weighs 85   pounds. You suspect anorexia and know that the best initial approach is to:

Having   the client in view of staff for 90 minutes after each meal

· Question 71

A 63-year-old man presents to the office with hematuria,   hesitancy, and dribbling. Digital rectal exam (DRE) reveals a moderately   enlarged prostate that is smooth. The PSA is 1.2. What is the most   appropriate management strategy for you to follow at this time?

A. Prescribe   an alpha adrenergic blocker.
  B. Recommend saw palmetto.
  C. Prescribe an antibiotic
  D. Refer the client to urology.

· Question 72

A patient has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder   (GAD). Which of the following medications may be used to treat generalized   anxiety disorder?

· Question 73

A positive drawer sign supports a diagnosis of:

· Question 74

Sam, age 67, is a diabetic with worsening renal function.   He has frequent hypoglycemic episodes, which he believes means that his   diabetes is getting “better.” How do you respond?


· Question 75

A 14 year old female cheerleader reports gradual and   progressive dull anterior knee pain, exacerbated by kneeling. The nurse   practitioner notes swelling and point tenderness at the tibial tuberosity.   X-ray is negative. What is the most likely diagnosis?

· Question 76

A 35 year old male presents with a complaint of low   pelvic pain, dysuria, hesitancy, urgency, and reduced force of stream. The   nurse practitioner suspects acute bacterial prostatitis. Which of the   following specimens would be least helpful for diagnosis?

· Question 77

Jack, age 55, comes to the office with a blood pressure of   144/98 mm Hg. He states that he did not know if it was ever elevated before.   When you retake his blood pressure at the end of the exam, it remains at   144/98. What should your next action be?

· Question 78

A patient has just been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. He is   understandably upset and has questions about the prognosis. You response   should be:


· Question 79

Martin is complaining of erectile dysfunction. He also has   a condition that has reduced arterial blood flow to his penis. The most   common cause of this condition is:

· Question 80

Successful management of a patient with attention deficit hyperactivity   disorder (ADHD) may be achieved with:

· Question 81

What diabetic complications result from hyperglycemia?



1.  Retinopathy

2.  Hypertension   resistant to treatment

3. Peripheral   neuropathy

4.  Accelerated   atherogenesis

· Question 82

· Question 83

The most common symptoms of transient ischemic attack   (TIA) include:

· Question 84

What is the first step in the treatment of uric acid   kidney stones?

· Question 85

Establishment of a definitive diagnosis of osteomyelitis   requires:

· Question 86

Which of the following is the most common causative   organism of nongonococcal urethritis?


Chlamydia     trachomatis


Ureaplasma     urealyticum


Mycoplasma     hominis


Trichonomas     vaginalis

· Question 87

Urine cultures should be obtained for which of the   following patients?


· Question 88

A 30 year old female patient presents to the clinic with   heat intolerance, tremors, nervousness, and weight loss inconsistent with   increased appetite. Which test would be most likely to confirm the suspected   diagnosis?

· Question 89

A patient has been diagnosed with   hypothyroidism and thyroid hormone replacement therapy is prescribed. How   long should the nurse practitioner wait before checking the patient’s TSH?

· Question 90

Potential causes of hypocalcemia include which of the   following?

· Question 91

Which of the following patients most warrants screening   for hypothyroidism?

· Question 92

Which of the following is a contraindication for metformin   therapy?

· Question 93

The organism most often associated with prostatitis is:




Neiserria     gonorrhoaes


Chlamydia     trachomatis


Escherichia     coli

· Question 94

The most effective intervention(s)   to prevent stroke is (are):

· Question 95

What is the most commonly abused substance?

· Question 96

The hallmark of neurofibromatosis (von Recklinghausen’s   disease) present in almost 100% of patients is:

· Question 97

Diagnostic evaluation of   hypothyroidism reveals:

· Question 98

An obese hyperlipidemic patient, newly diagnosed with type   2 diabetes mellitus, has fasting glucose values 180 to 250 mg/Dl. What is the   most appropriate initial treatment to consider?

A. A   low-calorie diet and exercise
  B. Sliding-scale NPH insulin every 12 hours
  C. A sulfonylurea and/or metformin (Glucophage® -XR)
  D. Sliding-scale regular insulin every 6 hours

· Question 99

The correct treatment for ankle sprain during the first 48   hours after injury includes:

· Question 100

Prolonged PT suggests:


Platelet abnormality


Abnormality in intrinsic     coagulation pathway


Abnormality in extrinsic     coagulation pathway


None of the above

Question 101 


A patient presenting for an annual physical exam has a BMI of 25 kg/m2 This patient would be classified as:

· Question 102

The most reliable indicator(s) of neurological deficit   when assessing a patient with acute low back pain is(are):

· Question 103

Risk factors for Addison’s disease   include which of the following? 

· Question 104

Major depression occurs most often   in which of the following conditions?

· Question 105

Which of the following medications increase the risk for   metabolic syndrome?

· Question 106

A 27 year old female patient with epilepsy is well   controlled with phenytoin (Dilantin). She requests information about   contraception. The nurse practitioner should instruct her that while taking   phenytoin:

· Question 107

Risk factors for prostate cancer include all of the   following except: 

· Question 108

Maria, age 17, was raped when she was 13 year old. She is   now experiencing sleeping problems, flashbacks, and depression. What is your   initial diagnosis?Post-traumatic stress disorder


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