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Write a research report based on a hypothetical research study.  Conducting research and writing a report is common practice for many students and practitioners in any of the behavioral sciences fields.  

A research report, which is based on scientific method, is typically composed of the different sections listed below: Introduction: The introduction states a specific      hypothesis and how that hypothesis was derived by connecting it to      previous research.  Methods: The methods section describes the details of how      the hypothesis was tested and clarifies why the study was conducted in      that particular way.  Results: The results section is where the raw      uninterpreted data is presented.  Discussion: The discussion section is where an      argument is presented on whether or not the data supports the hypothesis,      the possible implications and limitations of the study, as well as      possible future directions for this type of research. 

Together, these sections should tell the reader what was done, how it was done, and what was learned through the research.  You will create a research report based on a hypothetical problem, sample, results, and literature review.  Organize your data by creating meaningful sections within your report. Make sure that you: Apply key concepts of inferential      hypothesis tests. Interpret the research findings      of the study. Examine the assumptions and      limitations of inferential tests. Develop a practical application      of the research principles covered in this course.

Focus of the Research Report
To begin, create a hypothetical research study (you do not have to carry out the study; you will just have to describe it) that is based on the three pieces of information listed below.  Once you have your hypothetical study created, write a three- to four-page research report (excluding title and reference pages) that outlines the study.  You are encouraged to be creative with your research study, but be sure to follow the format outlined below and adhere to APA formatting as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Your hypothetical research study should be based on the following information: Recent      research has indicated that eating chocolate can improve memory.       Jones and Wilson (2011) found that eating chocolate two hours before      taking math tests improved scores significantly.  Wong, Hideki,      Anderson, and Skaarsgard (2009) found that women are better than men on      memory tests after eating chocolate. There      were 50 men and 50 women who were randomly selected from a larger      population. A t-test was conducted to compare men      and women’s performance on an assessment after eating chocolate. The      results showed an independentt-test      value of t .05(99) =      3.43; p < .05

Your research study must contain the following: Title Page  Title of       your report Your name The course Instructor Date Introduction  Introduce       the research topic, explain why it is important, and present the purpose       of the paper and the research question and hypothesis.  Discuss how       this study is related to other research on the topic. Elaborate on       the information from the references you were given.  State how they       relate to your hypothesis. Your       introduction must: Consist of        a paragraph explaining what you are studying and why. Use previously        cited research to explain your expectations and discuss how those expectations        led to your hypothesis. State a        clear and testable hypothesis and whether it is one-tailed or        two-tailed.  Make sure it is understandable to someone who has not        read the rest of your paper yet.  State the null hypothesis.  Include a        justification of the direction of your hypothesis.  In other words,        explain why you chose the direction of your hypothesis if it is        one-tailed (e.g., previous research suggests that people with big feet        are more likely to score higher on math tests; therefore the hypothesis        is one-tailed) or if it is two-tailed (e.g., previous research is not        clear on which group will perform better; therefore, the hypothesis is        two-tailed). Describe        why this study is important. Method Design: State the experimental      design of your study, the independent and dependent
     variables, and what the task was (e.g., what you had the participants do). Participants: Identify and      describe your sample, how the participants were selected
     to be in the study, and why you chose them.  Provide details for how      each individual was
     assigned to each group. Procedure: Describe the      precise procedure you used to conduct this research (i.e., exactly
     what you did).  It should be clear enough that anyone could replicate      your study.  This is the
     subsection where you tell the reader how you collected the data. Data Analysis: Describe the      statistical procedure used in the study to analyze the data. Results: In this section, you will describe the statistical      results:  State the       statistical tests that were used.           Justify the       choice of test. State the       observed value and significance level and whether the test was one or       two-tailed. State your       conclusion in terms of the hypothesis.  Did you       accept or reject the null hypothesis? Discussion: Discuss your results as they relate to your      hypothesis.  Did you accept      the hypothesis or reject it?  Compare your      results to the previous studies mentioned in the introduction.  Are      your results similar or different? Discuss why. Tell the      readers what your findings mean.  Why did you get the results you      did? Identify limitations to your      study. Suggest ways your study could      be improved. Suggest ideas for future      research, not just a continuation of your study, but research that is      similar to this study.  Perhaps one of the variables could be changed      or a different sample could be investigated. Finish with a concluding      paragraph that is a statement of your findings and the key points of the      discussion. Conclusion: Write a paragraph detailing your experience with      writing a research report.  Discuss how easy/difficult it was to      write a false report that reads like real results, and how this experience      might affect you review research in the future.  Do you think this      experience will provide you with a useful skill in your potential career? References: You will create a minimum of three fictitious      references in the following format based on the information you have      created in the preceding sections of the report:  Author, A.,       & Author, B. (Publication year). Title of the article. Journal Name, volume number(issue       number), page numbers. Example:        Jones, A., & Williams, B. (2013). Why monkeys are good pets. Journal of Silly Science, 23(4), 221-222.

You may access the Critical Thinking Community (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website for tips on how to formulate your report in a logical and meaningful manner.
Writing the Research Report
The Assignment: Must be three      to four double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference      pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford      Writing Center. Must include a      title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name      and number Instructor’s      name Date submitted Must document      all sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must include      the sections with the appropriate headings and content listed above.


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