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Semiotic Analysis

Semiotic Analysis


Semiotic analysis looks to acquire the social meaning brought about by the precise configuration of signs in a text. As noted in varied studies, all texts are read on three levels, for instance, denotation and the two level connotation. Additionally, texts ought to be taking into consideration in terms of their connection with other texts or allocating symbols to texts and their social set ups and ideological set ups.

Considering that semiotics depends basically on structures of opposition and the play of differences available in signifying systems to get to know the production of meaning, one has to maintain a rigid awareness of the latent and manifest orders of expression that comprises of textual construction, response and distribution.

Lastly, all of the semiotic analysis is to a great extent at the level of legitimacy and truth entitlements, appealing, rather, in a form of reflective examination keen on uncovering the social importance and purpose of texts in addition to the chronotopic basis of their expressive imperatives.

The three graphic images are common in many places and most of them show the creation of concepts: graphic design aspects and semiotics. The images are advertisements, we are all together, show how visual manipulation using graphic design appeals to emotional manipulation using semiotics.


The first ad, created by World Wildlife Fund aims to encourage donations for the organizations. A look at the ad one notices a ship that has been wrecked. Noticeably, the wreckage on the ship creates a large cloud of smoke and products that flow into the sea. The picture brings a picture of the complete destruction brought about by the ship. The mood created is that of a destroyed beauty, a dark outlook of a previously clean setting.

The artists applies the aspects and principles of design in naturalistic manner to bring about a rough, realistic visual that shows the look of a raw image. The image was a ship going over water. However, due to destruction of the ship, the smoke and waste products produced by the ship lead to major destruction. The colors are basic, mostly white and black of the polluted water. The pattern and texture shows that of complete devastation. Additionally there is both formal and informal balance as it shows over the vertical axis, though not extensive. The viewer is looking from close by, but can see far and this creates an illusion of a huge mass of water with limited photographic information. Focus in directed to the destroyed ship that is unnatural and course in line, shape and color as well as the texture. The picture acquires a sense of disunity brought about by destruction.

Battle ship Comparison

Second Image

A look at the image shows one is able to see a green setting with a discolored river. This deformation captures the eye due to the color of the river. The picture shows a green hilly setting with partly grey or finished vegetation on the hills. The sky is partly cloudy and this acquires the feeling of the extent of destruction done here. The discoloring of the river is has been brought about by pollution which could be from human activity. The mood created is that of an incomplete beauty that is gradually declining different from the battle ship which has extensive destruction.

The artists makes use of elements and principles of design in a modern and natural way just as in the battle ship. The fallen bucket show the waste products due to human activities that are poured into the river. The waste products lead to degradation of the environment as seen by the partly grey hills. It brings out a feeling of an imperfect nature. The color of the water is yellow, not its normal color, while the green vegetation dies out slowly despite it being a rainy environment. Additionally, there is a formal and informal balance with the vertical axis. The viewer can see the hills from close by and can see far. This has the illusion that the forest goes way far. As in the battleship, the picture focusses mainly on the destruction on the river, which is due to human activities. The elements and design shows a rigid feeling of gradual destruction of a good environment. Its points the reason to be man-made activities.

Third Image

The third image contrasts the first image in that it the destruction is done on land. The picture shows massive destruction to the environment and life on it. The bigger picture shows a dead antelope on a dying vegetation. The picture has been manipulated to show how human activity has taken over wildlife; the vegetation has died out and all animals are dead. The sky is dark and gloomy, portending that the destruction is extensive. The general mood, just as in the battle ship, is that of a dying wildlife and vegetation.

The picture applies aspects and principles to create massive destruction. The covering of the animal skeleton shows how animal space has been taken up by human activity. Additionally, vegetation has died out as a result of this. Just as in the battle ship, the sky is dark and can be attributed to human destruction. Focus has been based on the destruction and creates a feeling of dark days.


What the advertisements try to communicate are the extensive destruction of human activities to nature. The destruction spreads to vegetation, animals and water as well as the air. The message being passed is that we are connected to nature and that if we hurt it, we end up affecting ourselves; the polluted air and water. Semiotics has been applied to pass information. A destroyed battle ship denotes human activity and this connotes the health of earth and man. This focusses on several years back when earth was not touched by man, however, man recently has threatened nature due to greed. This is a story of the prevailing state, there is conflict in our society. WWF aims to state there is extensive crisis and that together we can be able to resolve the crisis of own poison.


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