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Catcher in the Rye

Catcher in the Rye

    1,. Explain the following words and word combinations; reproduce the
    situations in which they occur in the book; use them in your discussion of the
    to be liable to do something (40)
    cmde (41)
    academic building (41)
    to hate somebody’s guts (43)
    to fiddle with (44)
    to horse around (45)
    hangnail (46)
    to keep tabs on (47)
    cmmby (47)
    conceited (48)
    aggravating (48)
    a slob (50)
    to be good at (51)
    exhibitionist (52)
    to be through with (52)
    to be in the mood for (52)

to rile (56)
pimple (56)
2. Introduce Ossenburger. In what way is it made clear that he was a
3. Discuss Ackley in the form of questions to Holden.
4. What did Holden wish Ackley would (or wouldn’t) do?
(Make up about 10 such questions).
5. Compare and contrast Ackley and Stradlater, and discuss Holden s attitude
toward each of them. l
6. Discuss the means used to convey Holden’s excitement on hearing about
Stradlater’s date with |ane Gallagher.
7. Speak on ]ane Gallagher. Why is Holden fascinated by the fact that Jane
likes to keep her kings in the back row when she plays checkers?
8. Why did Holden not go to see |ane?
9. Explore and explain Holden s comments on literature. Why does he prefer
Hardy to Maugham?
10. What reasons does Holden give for hating movies? Why does he
continue to see them if he hates them?
1L. What does the word ‘phony’ mean in Holden’s vocabulary? Quote the
sentences in which he uses it.
^^ ,*+
L-Exp1ain the following words-rt4 ryotd combinations; reproduce the
,itouiiorts in which they”occur in the book;usl them in your discussion of the
to getaway with (68)
to a-buse somebody’s hospitality (69)
to toy’with th6 idea (70)
to be a good mtxer (74)
faculty 0a)

conscientious (74)
to adapt (74)
to bethe unanimous choice (75)
to nominate (75)
to inhale (75)
tumor (77)
2 A casual reading of The Catcher in the Rye leaves the i-rrrpressron that the
novel is disorgJnized and even fragmentary. . Whta evidence of solid
ffur*i”g do yoi find in it? For exampl{ has thi.time been plotted carefully?
Start with references to the time in Cirapler 5, iind go on to other places where
the time is mentioned.
te”;p;e iioider/s actions in Ackley’s room to Ackley’s rictions in Holder/s
+ p;””a that you are Ackley and tell Holden what you want (or do not want)
him to do. Use Complex Obiect as in the example:
I want you to tell me about your fight with stradlater.
5 Comment on Holdenls’feeting of loneliness. Pick out sentences which
qlove lhat Y:|d.en f was very upset.
1id he feet b Speat on Holder/s decisi-on io leave school that very ,,ight. How c
about it?
7 What is the function of Mrs. Morrow? Why did Holden like her?
B What d.o we learn about Ho|den from hii preparations for his trip to New
9 Evaluate Holden’s self-accusations that he is a liar’
L0 Think of,the questions Mrs.-Morrow might have asked to make Holden goon
with_the story of the tumor.
l-1What does Holden’s red hunting hat symbolize?
L2 Suggest possible titles for the chapters.
. :sfi
1 Explain thu, situations in whifcohj ltghyeiy.igc cwuio rds and word combinations; reproduce the ir, th” noob uru them in your discussion of the
to have. the guts to do sth (103) – nonchalant (105)
to drive at (105)
sophisticated (1.07)
cute (110)
to recuperate (110)
premature (111)
wallet (111)
to hand (111)
to let sb down (113)
at random (113)
gory Q7Z)

3l”il the story so far in Sd sentences.
J speak on the imaginary scene with the stolen gloves- Exasrine the case Holden makes {or h# .il ;;;rdice. wr,”t-“”iaence do you find elsewhere in the novel to help f9u accept or relect his self_accusation? 4 Consider the rifi”iricun Holden reject sun”nys ua”””n-?””rraro Lioao”kr ,f];r -;;;;;;tr* g with.sunny. why does may help you understand t’e remarks. about sex which inciae”t *o*
attitude toward funlf with his L:.ti”gl ;t;;th”o”,*p regtrersly. . Compare Holden s 5 Discuss the euisoa” *iirr trr-” Lrr-tii ;;d ;h+imp. what sociat criticism ffiI-d:Tl,firJ*:#urii*”‘ ;r ir, r, “i,t’lrJ*u.tu, are brought rorurard
5 Quote the sen
S Imagine that vou
short sentences to a?e.s” &gbgeir rg-to film the story of Holden kilIing Maurice. use ?r,” ruq””nce of happenings in the fihn version. Can we speak of the
“ir,”muti” q;;iil;;rir”s5Ir=prose?
9 why does Holden sometimeJr.yl to_play-xcting and harrrress lying? 10 l4fhat is Hotrden s attitude iu i.ligiorrl .l
l lComment on tllstyristic a.”i.”,
a) It smelled in the folrowing sentences: like fifty”miltio” a””a
“ig”., iidii.
b) … they were as 3r{ch ;; i; iil (ihdsi, *, hol” in the head (113). c) M), voice was shaking lik”uGr”rd (11S),
rL 4*ff/r,i fidl& frreu /”” #L efu
1. Explain the. folloyi.g words and word combinations; reproduce the
situations in which they occur in the book; use them in your discussion of the
to get a word in edgewise (1L8)
to check out (119)
spendthrift (119)
genuine (120)
to be a light eater (120)
to give sb a hand (120)
to room with sb (lZ0)
an inferiority complex (120)
to strike up a conversation (LZI)
to make a contribution (121)
generous (123)
infirmary eZ4)
? WIZ.doyou think Holden wasin the mood to call Sally Hayes instead of
fane? What was his attitude toward Sully in the light of his remarks on girls
in_ Chapter 9?
3 Why is so much made of suitcases in Chapter 15? Does Salinger make them
representative of something in people? Does.he do this withither things in
4 Evaluate Holden’s commEnts about the nirns. What would you say his idea
of a nun is?
6 Discuss HoldeJs attitude toward the wealthy and the poor.
7 Comment on the r{iccussion about Rameo

and fuliit. Why does Holden
pt:f”r Mercutio to Romeo? Doyou share his view? I Describe the episode with itre Ha humming the title song. speak on

Holden’s attitude to children. why does he feel happy in their coirpanya
9 What depressed Holden about the movies ‘and-thb theatre? Comment on
llt hPt*i9l of Lawrence Oliviet’s interpretation of the part of Hamlet.
what do Holden’s ssmments on acting add io your understanling of him?
L0 What do we learn about Holden s fither?
LL what is there about the museum that attracts Horden?
L2 Observe the frequent use of the strucfures:
to feel like doing sth
to keep iloing sth
Find sentences with these structures in the text and make up your own
sentences saying what Holden felt (or did not feel) like doing urrd #t ut he (or
other characters) kept doing.
13 Suggest possible titles foi the chapters.
1 Explain the. following woqds and word combinations,. reproduce the ilx:,rt* in which tf,”y?..rr ir, th” Uo”Cri” them in your discussion of the
_get away urith (134)
to have an alternative (135)
to rave about (196)
to rubber (t%1
to get fed up with (139)
to hit the ceiling d+eO’
to accept sb,s apology (143)
to have an.in16riffi iompl”* to be conceited (1M) –r–.. G^ Elt,{‘)
available (145)
o2 Arnaplys*e uthe’u”i;-{#tr#:Eiffi ,?”i}:ff”llesrearnumber
}ff:I# Horden’s uttitru to sirrs. H;; is his concern for them
4 What are the.lmplications of the sentence at the/re seoetly all ttirrific
-;,fr.I i*x,:#i:roffirre#,r, d: Hfrfi:r?jr”** ‘prei”nt”d b,saxt il’H;iden. wheru do”, the authoy’s
igffTfr::l:x Inl:;T;’”i:H;T,fl, ‘n”
American wav orire- what risht
8 what plan does Holden onuJroi”r”upi’g from American civirizalisn? Do you find the plan sound? ‘ Amencan civili
|1g*I.H;l’*#*A;:?”t the plav he and sarry saw? what kind or
f”#ffi;tm*”?rffi1 the autho: shows rhat the rirm Horden saw rr vvny does Holden berieve being {rafted into the affily would be one of the
ffiffi?*I :f*:#Hff;f,*rfr:”;i-,her concerning,he us
i:[fiti’f,”H Wr*”#:iff:ffit lffi:iyd to Hemin sway? why does
14 Suggest possible uu”, fo, irrJ”i.upr”rr.
1’5 sum up the
upt”rr “”a; d;”*rion in 5{ sentences.
I. D. SALINGER. THE,CATCPIER fN fHE RyE. Chapters L9-20.
1 Explain the following words and word combinations; reproduce the
situations in which they occur in the book; use them in your discussion of the
swanky (149)
to cut it out (1.4S}
nauseating (150)
tough (151)
to major in (152)
decent (153)
mature (153)
inane (154)
to keep one’s voice down (15+;
boisterous (157)
to sneak (L6Z)
2 Descibe the wicker Bar as one of the phoniest pl*ces Holden knew-
3 Give a character sketch of Luce. Point out comical details exposing Luce’s
4 What criticism of American sdrools does Chapter 19 contain? Comment on
lhe_ggtimes of schoolboys and the subiec.ts of their conversations as reported
by Holden
5 How is psyckoanalysis referred to in the chapters under discussion? What
is psychoanalysis? I,Vhat part does it pluy in
system of contemporary
education? Whafs your attihrde to it?
6 Luce say9, 3 refuse to answer any typical Caulfield guestions tonight.- What
is a’typical Caulfield question’?
7 Ii s9-veral places in the novel Holden comments on whal, he thinks of
himself and how he would reaet to meeting someone just like himself. What
does F{olden think of Holden? *
I How d.oes the author draw the readels attention to the feeling of loneliness
the hero experie_nces? Comment on the failure of Holdenis attempts to
communicate with people.
9 What values does Holden admire? Do you share his values?
10 What are the write/s devices to show that Holden rarely met with
kindness and humanify in people?
1L What meatrs does Salinger employ to indicate the state Holden was in
when he rang up Sally from the Wicker Bar?
12 Write a paragraph or two defending or attacking Luce’s statement about
HolderU ‘Your mind is immature.”
13 Suggest possible tifles for the chapters.


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